Chael Sonnen Is Not a Racist or a Xenophobe: You're Just an Idiot

Jon LeeCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

It's amazing to me that in 2010, we've become so politically correct that Sonnen's awesome trash talk, and one sided efforts to promote a fight have been earmarked as somehow racist or xenophobic.

Now don't get me wrong, Sonnen has made some comments that are blatantly false, such as stating that he's never been beaten by a middleweight (Demian Meia and Paulo Filho would disagree) or that his uncle won an NBA championship with either the Jazz or Suns (Neither of which have won NBA championships).

But to blast Sonnen as somehow making this about race, when it's obviously about Anderson Silva's bizarre and blatantly disrespectful behavior towards the fans, Dana White, and his past few opponents, insults everyone with an IQ above 95. (For reference check out the recent UFC 117 Conference call where he spent the first half giving one word answers)

To insinuate that Chael is using codewords or hidden racist messages is absurd. He's made fun of Silva's dress sense, refusal to speak English (which you can prove with a simple Youtube search), and his clownish behavior in Abu Dhabi, as well as his training partners.

The two quotes that seem to be getting everyone riled up were his reference to Ed Soares praying to a Pygmy god, and Portuguese being easy to speak—neither of which are racist, or on par with anything you would hear at ANY comedy open mic across the country (and as a professional Comic, I would know).

And as if that's not bad enough, Silva and Ed Soares the two main targets for the last few months have both said that they think Sonnen's trash talk is funny. If the guys getting hammered by these verbal bombs don't think they're offensive, where the EFF does The Huffington Post get off?

If anything, Sonnen's trash talk reminds me most of the Diaz brothers who have also mentioned their lack of respect for opponents and reiterated that this is THE FIGHT BUSINESS! 

I, for one, appreciate Sonnen for making me laugh almost every day leading up to this fight making, what is probably going to be a VERY boring fight, somewhat interesting.

I just wish we lived in a World where we were a little less sensitive and didn't use race baiting to sell articles and magazines.