Lets Take a Look at The WWE Divas, Part 2: SmackDown Edition!

Doreen Hines@DoreenH1989Contributor IJuly 29, 2010

Lets Take a Look at the WWE Divas, Part 2: SmackDown Edition!


Hey B/R, I'm back! If you haven't read Lets Take a Look at the WWE Divas, Part 1: RAW Edition already, I'd stronger suggest you do so. I have more of an introductory as to why I chose to write an article about the WWE Divas as my first article on here in the first place. Plus, there's more information about me on there, if anyone's interested. You can find the article at this link: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/426807-lets-take-a-look-at-the-wwe-divas-part-1-raw-edition

So without further adieu, lets look at the WWE Divas of the SmackDown roster!


Michelle McCool

WWE Debut: November 18, 2004 at SmackDown.

Age: 30 (January 25, 1980)

Championships and accomplishments: 1-time, inaugural WWE Divas Champion, 2-time WWE Women's Champion

Brand: SmackDown

Heel or Face?: Heel. She's better as a heel, but being a face might eventually get her over. I seem to recall her getting more of a crowd reaction as a face then she's getting now as a heel.

Ring Work?: Excellent, and I'm not just saying that because she's my favorite! 8/10.

Mic Work?: She cuts promos more often than any of the other divas, so obviously WWE knows she's good at it. 8/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 3x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes or no?: Is this even a question to ask? I think the past few years answer this in itself. I think the real question is can she put someone over? I guess we'll see when LayCool eventually breaks up if she's successful at putting Layla over or not.

Manager/valet?: Previously managed Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble to name a few. Currently managing Layla, and Kaval on Season 2 of NXT. Keep her as a wrestler, please! This girl can kick some butt!

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: I think she will, but you can never be too sure.

Additional thoughts: Michelle McCool is quite possibly the most overrated WWE Diva on the roster, and I mean that in the nicest of ways. Her relationship, and now marriage, with Mark Calaway (The Undertaker) has gotten her a considerable amount of criticism from wrestling fans the world over, who seem to think that the only reason she's been pushed so much lately is because of who she's sleeping with. Now, I myself would be a moron to say that the relationship hasn't helped her to some degree, but she showed true talent before this. Just a few years ago, 2007 to be precise, fans were saying how underrated a wrestler she was and how maybe a women's belt should be made for SmackDown or move her to RAW. Now, everyone seems to think that no one was saying any of this back then, and that she didn't start showing promise as a wrestler till she started dating The Undertaker. Rather any of this is true, I don't know. No one knows when they started dating. Some say 2007, others say 2008. Heck, they could've started dating as soon as she arrived the WWE. Honestly, I don't quite care, because it's none of anyone's business. What I do know is this. Michelle McCool is a very talented women's wrestler, and is one of the best, if not the best, WWE Diva on the roster right now. Nothing anyone says can take that away from her, and that my friends, is real talk!

Fun fact: Did you know…Michelle McCool's current theme music “Not Enough for Me” was previously used by WWE Diva Torrie Wilson?


Beth Phoenix

WWE Debut: May 8, 2006 at RAW.

Real name: Elizabeth Kocanski

Age: 28 (November 24, 1980)

Championships and accomplishments: 3-time WWE Women's Champion

Brand: SmackDown

Heel or Face?: Face. She can do either or just fine.

Ring Work?: Fantastic. 9/10.

Mic Work?: Better than most. 6/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 3x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes, or no?: Definitely beyond this! Put her in a title feud with anyone and you've got yourself a winner!

Manager/valet?: Previously managed Santino Marella among others. Her talents would be wasted in a non-wrestling role, I think.

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: Certainly hope so, but you never know the ways things have been going of late.

Additional thoughts: Like Michelle McCool and Melina, Beth Phoenix is considered to be one of the best of the current WWE Divas on the roster. She's got the look, the ability, the mic skills, the crowd reaction, all of it. She's a modern-day Chyna, and if booked the right way, could very well go onto achieve some of the same, if not more, of the success as her counterpart. I mean, she's already competed in the Royal Rumble. An Intercontinental Championship shot should be next.

Fun fact: Did you know…Beth Phoenix is a graduate from Canisius College with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice?


Kelly Kelly

WWE Debut: June 13, 2006 at ECW

Real name: Barbara Blank

Age: 23 (January 15, 1987)

Championships and accomplishments: None, thus far.

Heel or Face?: Face. She's never been a heel, and in all honesty, I'm not sure she'd be able to pull it off.

Ring Work?: Decent. 5/10.

Mic Work?: K2 isn't known for cutting promos and the few times she has cut them, it just sounded like talking to me. Anyone can talk. So in the interest of fairness, 4/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 0x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes or no?: As being currently witnessed in her and Tiffany's feud with LayCool, K2 is not ready for a championship push. Granted, this program she's had with them thus far has been entertaining to an extent and has definitely had its moments, I just don't think she's ready for a title, and obviously WWE feels the same way. This LayCool/Blondetourage program is just to keep things interesting on SmackDown until Beth Phoenix returns. Nothing more, nothing less.

Manager/valet?: Previously managed Mike Knox and The Miz. Currently managing Tiffany. I don't think she'd make a bad manager/valet, but I'd keep her as a wrestler due to her popularity with the crowd.

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: I wanna say no, but I'm not really sure.

Additional thoughts: Let's get something straight. I am not a fan of this girl. I don't particularly hate her, but I don't particularly like her either. With that said, I will admit to how far she's come since she starting in the WWE as an exhibitionist. I mean come on, who would've ever thought that that girl would go onto the somewhat moderate success she's had in the WWE as a wrestler? I know I certainly wouldn't have. In fact, I would've thought they've of gotten rid of her on the ECW episode following December to Dismember 2006, when Mike Knox ended their on-screen relationship, giving her a scripted injury with his signature swinging reverse STO (facebuster). Yet back she came a short six weeks later, forming Extreme Expose with Layla El and Brooke Adams. After Extreme Expose dissolved later that year, she then went onto become a full-time wrestler, and that's what she's been doing the past two and a half years. Love her or hate her, Kelly Kelly has more than proved her critics wrong, and for that I admire her. Still not a fan of hers though, but I can admire her dedication, right?

Fun fact: Did you know…Kelly Kelly once studied broadcast journalism, hoping to become a television anchor?



WWE Debut: August 20, 2006 at WWE SummerSlam.

Real name: Layla El

Age: 32 (June 25, 1978)

Championships and accomplishments: 2006 Diva Search Winner, 1-time WWE Women's Champion (Current)

Heel or Face?: Heel. I think she'd make a decent face as well, so she could probably go back and forth and do both.

Ring Work?: She wins this year's award for Most Improved WWE Diva in ring skills and mic skills. 6/10.

Mic Work?: She can cut a promo almost as good as her LayCool bestie, Michelle McCool, and that's saying something. 7/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 1x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes, or no?: I think we'll see when LayCool eventually breaks up rather or not she can be in decent title feud without Michelle McCool and rather or not she can put people over or people have to put her over. Considering that she's relatively new to the diva's main event scene, I'd say maybe for now and most likely yes in the future.

Manager/valet?: Previously managed The Miz, Jamie Noble, and William Regal. Currently managing Michelle McCool, and Kaval on Season 2 of NXT. I think she can pull off being both a manager and a wrestler, but considering how much she's advanced over the past year, I'd say keep her as a wrestler for sure.

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: If you asked me this question 2 years ago, I would've said no. But now, I think I might say yeah. The reason I might only say yeah it because of her age. 5 years from now, she'll be 37. And while that may not seem that old to some, in WWE, for a Diva, that's old. So we'll see, but I'd definitely like to see her in WWE 5 years from now. Whether or not I will, is something else entirely.

Additional thoughts: Before Layla paired up with Michelle McCool, she was no one. Sure, she could claim that she'd won the 2006 WWE Diva Search, but besides that, nothing. And now look at her! Just goes to show that anyone can be taken from 0 to hero if pushed the right way and given a decent storyline to build character from. There's hope for Rosa Mendes yet!

Fun facts: Did you know…before joining WWE in 2006, Layla El was a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines, the Miami Heat franchise of the NBA, and she also danced for Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards?



WWE Debut: June 10, 2008 at ECW

Real name: Taryn Terrell

Age: 24 (December 28, 1985)

Championships and accomplishments: None, thus far.

Brand: SmackDown

Heel or Face?: Face. I actually think she'd make a good heel. Rather it be turning on Kelly Kelly or pairing up with her real-life husband, Drew McIntyre, I think she would make good as a heel.

Ring Work?: She's a newbie still, but she's got potential. Give her a few years, and I'm sure she'll be ranked higher. 5/10.

Mic Work?: Superb for sure! As GM of ECW, she cut many a promo and the crowd seemed to react to her rather nicely. 8/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 0x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes, or no?: As was said above, she's still a newbie so no, not yet. In time, maybe, but for now a truthful no.

Manager/valet?: Previously the General Manager of ECW, which I might add she was very good at. Currently managing Kelly Kelly. I think she can go back and forth, being both a manager and a wrestler. She's got the look and charisma to do both.

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: I think she has age on her side for this one, and she is still relatively new. Plus, she's married to someone on the roster. Not that that means anything, but still, it's worth noting. So yeah, I think she'll be around 5 years from now. I honestly can't think of any reason why she might not be. Unless she and Drew were to get a divorce that is…

Additional thoughts: Like many of the other girls on the roster, Tiffany came to the WWE through the Diva Search contest with little to no wrestling experience and was signed to a development contract, later debuting in their development facility, Florida Championship Wrestling. She trained there for a few months before being brought up to the main WWE roster as the assistant of ECW General Manager Theodore Long, in the meantime, still training at FCW. Of course, we all remember that Tiffany then became the GM of ECW herself once Theodore Long returned to SmackDown be GM there again. Tiffany reigned as GM until ECW was dissolved earlier this year. Since then, she's been an in-ring competitor on SmackDown and will be getting a Women's Championship opportunity against Layla this Friday on SmackDown. Will she win? No, and no I'm not just saying that because I've read the spoilers. Tiffany has what it takes to make it big in the WWE Divas division, but not quite yet. She's still rather green in the ring, and not to be rude or anything, but she seriously needs to get rid of that cheerleader attire look she's got going now. This is the WWE, sweetie; not a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tryout! But in all seriousness, I think Tiffany will do just fine and eventually win at least one women's or diva's championship somewhere down the line. She's not going anywhere anytime soon!

Fun fact: Did you know…Tiffany is a co-leader for a volunteer mission group called Hope Children's Home that provides love and time to children that have been neglected, abused, and discarded?


Rosa Mendes

WWE Debut: November 24, 2008 at RAW.

Real name: Milena Roucka

Age: 30 (October 25, 1979)

Championships and accomplishments: None, thus far.

Brand: SmackDown.

Heel or Face?: Heel. However, I think she'll be turning face here shortly. Depending on how long this whole fitness guru gimmick of hers goes. Then again she could end up staying heel, and join LayCool after all. It's hard to tell, but I think she could pull off being either a heel or a face.

Ring Work?: Still pretty green in the ring. 3/10

Mic Work?: Not at all bad. Especially when she speaks in Spanish to annoy the crowd. She's definitely a better promo cutter than she is a wrestler. 6/10.

How Many Times Champion?: 0x

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes, or no?: Has she ever even gotten a title shot in WWE? I don't think she has, so no. Maybe at some point, but not right now.

Manager/valet?: Previously managed Glamarella (Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix), Carlito, and Zack Ryder. I actually think she could benefit from being a manager/valet. It could help her learn new moves and hone the skills she already has.

Still be in the WWE 5 years from now?: Depends. She's still kinda green in the ring, and this might be the main factor in rather or not she's still around in five years.

Additional thoughts: Ah, Rosa Mendes. The resident Costa Rican of the WWE. I'll admit, I've been a fan of hers since she debuted as Beth Phoenix's crazy #1 fan on RAW over a year ago. Suffice to say, she hasn't really done much since then besides play the part of a manager/valet and only wrestle on occasion. Is this because she's still so green in the ring? Possibly. But it seems to me as if what talent she does have is being wasted by WWE's lack of obviously not knowing what to do with her. Take her current gimmick for instance. Exercising backstage in one segment a week and that's it. Seriously? I mean sure, at least she's getting airtime but come on WWE! If you're too preoccupied with the LayCool/Blondetourage feud on SmackDown, move Rosa to the jumbled mess that is the RAW divas division. She can't do much worse over there. In all honesty though, if it was my decision, I'd leave her on SmackDown, break up LayCool, give Rosa a makeover (complete with going back to her natural hair color of black), and team her up with Michelle against Layla. She's decent on the mic and under Michelle's tutelage, I think Rosa would progress quite well. Layla's a perfect example of that. Whether or not this will happen is WWE's choice, but I think it'd be the right choice and make things more interesting on SmackDown, and with Rosa.

Fun fact: Did you know…Rosa Mendes was a self-described "tomboy" growing up, and was once suspended from school for fighting? She's also trained in kick boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.



WWE Debut: January 22, 2010

Real name: Serena Deeb

Age: 24 (June 29, 1986)

Championships and accomplishments: In WWE, 0.

Brand: SmackDown

Heel or Face?: Heel. I think she'd make a fine face if called upon.

Ring Work?: I've only scene her wrestle in FCW once. From what I saw, I'm gonna say 5/10 to be fair.

Mic Work?: From what I've heard on SmackDown, she isn't half bad. So, I'm gonna give her a 6/10.

How Many Times Champion?: In WWE, 0x. In Development, 8x.

#1 Contender? Beyond this, yes, or no?: She's not wrestling in the WWE right now, so until she starts definitely no.

Manager/valet?: Currently managing CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Joey Mercury of the Straight Edge Society. I've seen her wrestle and she isn't bad. With that said, I think she can pull off being either a manager/valet or a wrestler. But for the sake of SmackDown's less than stellar current women's division, lets hope she starts wrestling sooner rather than later.

Still in the WWE 5 years from now?: I think she will. She's another one of the young ones, so she has age on her side. Add on her in-ring skills and mic work, and I think WWE's got themselves a winner!

Additional thoughts: What does it say about Serena that when WWE was looking for one of FCW Divas to step up and agree to have their head shaved as a way to get called up to the main roster faster, she was the only one who answered the call? One could say it calls the other girls vain, but I'm not really sure I'd agree to have my head shaved either if it meant a spot on WWE TV. Then again, maybe I would! Let me think about a minute…um, okay! I'll do it! Sign my up Vinnie Mac! But anyway, I think that says a lot about her as a person. She's not afraid to be different, and because of that, I think a lot of wrestling fans look at her in not the same light as the rest of the divas. As an anti-diva almost. I know I do. Wrestling for the likes of OVW, Shimmer, ROH, and even TNA before signing with the WWE in May of 2009 says a lot for someone who's only 24! It shows dedication, and for this I admire her. My only hope is that WWE admires her as much as I do and doesn't let her just fall by the wayside, and not let her wrestle, like they did with Angela Fong aka Savannah. She was a truly great talent who could've been greatly used, but alas the WWE doesn't much seem to care about the divas when it comes to talent, just looks. Please don't let Serena fall in the same boat, WWE!

Fun fact: Did you know…Serena is a record 6-time OVW Women's Champion? In addition to this, she's also held the MCW Women's Championship 1x, the NWA France Women's Championship 1x, and the Queen of FCW crown 1x.


In closing, as was said in my previous article, I always like hearing what everyone has to say rather or not you agree with any of my views. So, don't be shy! Comment, comment, comment! I'll try to reply to all of them!



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