TNA: Victory Road Messed Up a Great Feud

Lucas BerndtCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2010

Hello everybody. I know this article is kind of late, but I haven't had time to write lately. You see today I will address one of the worst drops to a feud ever. Now I  haven't seen anything between Hardy ad Mr.Anderson in a while. Maybe I missed it but TNA dropped the ball with what was going on with the two before Victory Road. Flashback time.

As we all know the two had just come off a win at Slammiversary against Beer Money Inc. proving they could effectively work as a team. Then we get the news from the Championship Committee that they were undecided on who the number one contender was. So they put Mr. Anderson, Abyss, and Jeffrey "Freakin" Nero Hardy.

Now many thought this would throw a wrench into the relationship of the two men. However the two worked as a team against Abyss even though all three men were counted out. Afterwards Abyss took everyone out as he was pissed off and he is a "Monster."

This then lead to a Mr. Anderson Vs. Abyss match the next week so Anderson could get revenge on Abyss for putting Hardy "on the shelf." This match ended after Anderson failed at the Swanton Bomb and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam.

Now this leads to where many of us thought the story line was going to get good. Hardy on his return has a match against Abyss and RVD is the guest referee. Now during this match as Hardy is getting dominated who should come out but Mr. Anderson chair in hand. As Mr. Anderson swings the chair at Abyss, but Abyss moves and he hits Hardy.

Now we are at the last week before Victory Road. A Fatal Four Way has been announced for the TNA World Title. Rob Van Dam defending his title against Abyss, Anderson, and Hardy. Now as we all could have guess Hardy wants to know why Anderson hit him with the chair. Anderson comes out chair in hand and explains in a way only he knows how.

Now a match had been booked for the two men that night against each other. So Anderson being the genius, or asshole, he is decides to make a deal with Hardy. Anderson would bring the chair out to their match that night. Now if Anderson used it Hardy would know he had a problem with Anderson. However if Hardy hit Anderson with the chair Anderson would know he had a problem with Hardy.

Wasn't that a great idea TNA. The match happens and neither men use the chair. Anderson does try to use the Swanton again though and it costs him the match. Now this is part one of where they ruined this feud. Anderson should have used the chair. His alliance with Hardy was nevver really good. The only good part was the name the Enigmatic Assholes. Now onto where they ruined it even more Victory Road.

As you all know by now RVD retained his title at Victory Road. With this win a budding feud was crushed all to hell. We all knew Jeff wouldn't win because he is going to jail soon. But that doesn't mean he couldn't be pinned for the title. This is where they went wrong they should of had Mr. Anderson pin Hardy to win the title. Now this would have pissed Hardy off and the two men would have continued to fight now with the title in the middle of them.

This feud could have gone far if TNA's creative team would have pulled their heads out of their asses for a few minutes. However now we have seen nothing of Anderson in the last two weeks and Abyss is the freaking number one contender. Now tell me where is the justice in that?

That is all I have for you today my fellow Bleaches. Post what you think of the artcile, and how you think this feud could have turned out in the comments below.