BR's Battle Of The WWE Champs Round 3!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 29, 2010

In the last round most of the battles were close. The only older legend to survive was Andre The Giant. This round he faces Jericho though, will he be able to get past Y2J? Also in this round we have some real interesting match ups HHH vs. HBK, The Rock vs. Edge and more. So far this has turned out to be a lot of fun. I owe it to all of you bleacher creatures for that. Thanks a lot guys. Let’s get on to the next round shall we?

1st  Bracket

]---- HHH, he is a 13 time WWE/Heavyweight Champion.


]---- HBK, he is a 3 time WWF champ and one time World Heavyweight Champion.



]---- Mankind, won the WWF belt 3 times.


]----The Undertaker, is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion and 3 time Heavyweight Champion.



]---- The Rock, is a 7 time WWF/WWE Champion.


]---- Edge , is a 4 time WWE champ and 5 time Heavyweight Champion.



]---- Kane, won the WWF/WWE title once and won the Heavyweight title once.


]---- Bret"The Hitman"Hart, he has held the  WWF gold 5 times.



]---- Stone Cold , is a 6 time WWF Champion.


]---- Kurt Angle, is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion.



]---- Andre The Giant,   won the WWF belt once.


]---- Chris Jericho

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