The Problem With NXT Season 2, and The Kaval Situation

James ChiofaloContributor IJuly 28, 2010

Hello everyone. This is my first article on the Bleacher Rport website, so please send me your honest opinions.

This article is about the major problem with NXT Season 2. What is this problem? Developing characters.

During NXT Season 2, there is only one that has been developed slightly decently. This person is Mr Percy Watson. The WWE is apparantly in love3 with him. He's got the charisma, and general youth support behind him. However, the other rookies have almost no development. (NOTE: This is about the remaining rookies after Cottonwood's elimination)

Alex Riley: alex Riley reminds me of a white Shelton Benjamin (except with actual mic skills). In FCW he showed what made him such an effective champion. He had great matches, he was powerful, and he was very agile. However in NXT, he has barely been developed. He hasn't been in many matches, and thus his mic skills do all the talking (excuse the pun please). To properly develop Riley, he needs more matches. He needs moe camera time which doesn't involve him talking.

Husky Harris: husky is my personal favorite, so of course I will have a bias towards him. He is a very agile man, especially for a 290 pound frame. He is one of the few larger men who wrestle today that have decent agility (the others being Kevin Steen, Samoa Joe and Takeshi Morishima). Also, his mic skills are pretty good, especially for his gimmick. His mic skills are up to par with his agility. However, his development has been fairly weak to say the least. He attacks an announcer (whom people could care less about), and then gives 2 promos as a heel. That is really all WWE has done. give him more mic time, and more matches with pros. That would really help his character. Get the Ferarri engined Tank a match against someone like JoMo, so they can put on a good match.

Kaval: I will save him for last

Lucky Cannon: Alright, where do I start? Lucky has the look. In FCW he showed he has the skills. So now i wonder, where did it go? Oh disappeared when he went for the sob story gimmick. A gimmick where he gets hit in the head with a pipe and people are supposed to cry. Come on. This is WWE not the Lifetime channel. As a result he conformed to his gimmick, and his moveset died. A wrestler should always have their moves set up first before making a gimmic. Having the other way around can really make matches predictable(examples, Orton, Cena, etc). Also, his development has been hindered by his lack of ring time. In his tag matches, Mark Henry is there for more time than Cannon. Henry is hogging the ring. Give the kid time to shine already.

Michael McGuillicutty: He is the son of Mr Perfect, and thus he has the 4-00 win loss record. Impresive? Yes, however think of the audience watching NXT. Think of the numerous kids who were took young to remember who Mr Perfect was. Honestly that is what makes his gimmick completely ineffective, the lack of knowledgeby the audience. Also, is he a face or a heel? His promos seem like they're "face-y" at times, and other times they're "heel-y". He needs to develop who he is. If he has the perfect record, and it continues, use the one word called Perfect, consistantly. The kids watching perhaps could look up his father and see his lineage. As a result though, he would have to be a heel. This is definitely something that could work, but first it has to be clarified if he is a face or a heel.

Now for Kaval: He hasn't gotten development at all, however does he need it? Here is a guy who moves like a bullet, zipping around at lightning speeds. He has vicious kicks, he has agility, he is fantastic. Also, the WWE Universe is solidly behind him, which is shown through his rankings on the polls. As a result, whether he won or lost the competition, wouldn recieve a push. Also, with the winner not getting a title opportunity, does it really matter if he won NXT? Unlike Season one, the Season two-ers aren't going for a title shot, but just a spot on the roster. It is obvious that win, or lose, Kaval is going to be on the roster (unless he strangles someone) so does it matter how he is develpoed now? He has the support of the fans, and the WWE. Management loves him. WWE is focusing on the little guys more. Basically, whether Kaval wins or loses the NXT competition, he definitely still comes out on top.

Thank you guys. Please comment my first.