The Top 50 ESPN Commercials

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The Top 50 ESPN Commercials

ESPN has been the premier network when it comes to sports over the last 30 years.

Whether you agree with the somewhat sensationalist direction it's taken in the last few years is another matter.

But with shows like SportsCenter, Monday Night Football, Baseball Tonight, the Stanley Cup Finals, the Scripps National Spelling Bee, or the NBA or NFL Drafts, it's lived up to its namesake and provided sports fans with countless hours of entertainment.

And thanks to some talented writers and advertisers, they've managed to capture our attention with some hilarious commercials as well.

Odds are that if you've watched any amount of ESPN, you've seen some of the "This is SportsCenter" ad spots, which have been around for the last 16 years.

The sheer comedic brilliance of these 30 second clips has been unmatched by any network (sports or non-sports).

The following is a compilation of the 50 best commercials ESPN has cranked out in the last decade-and-a-half. Limiting this list to 50 was almost sacrilegious—it easily could have been a top 200 list.

There's almost assuredly going to be a few classics left off the list. As I made this slideshow, I came across at least five or six more commercials that definitely could have made the cut.

As you'll notice, almost all of them are of the "This is SportsCenter" variety. Why? Because those are easily the best ones (and the most entertaining).

Let's start with a few that didn't get on the list, but easily could have...

25 Honorable Mentions

—Ozzie Guillen tries to call up the bullpen, but gets SC anchor Neil Everett instead.

—Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt shed their warm ups in anticipation for the upcoming show.

—Dan Patrick and the rest of the staffs have their own unique superstitions before shows.

—David Wright, Neil Everett, and Scott Van Pelt make plans for the evening, but don't want the Wake Forest Demon Deacon mascot to find out.

—Sometimes old school players (like George Mikan) drop by Bristol to give their insight on some highlights.

—Jose Reyes shows Karl Ravech how to swing his hips.

—Jay Harris uses Michael Phelps' bronze medal as a coaster.

—Even SportsCenter anchors have to play through injuries, whether it's a coffee burn or tripping in the hallway.

—Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen wait with Michelle Kwan to anticipate the scoring of their latest show.

—When Larry Beil walks through the front door of the building, he's greeted with an elaborate introduction from Michael Buffer.

—Alexi Lalas shows a different side by playing guitar and belting out the lyrics for "Michael, Row the Boat Ashore."

—After a tough show, Dan Patrick is cheered up by the piano-playing Grant Hill.

—There's a large traffic jam outside of the building, which may or may not be caused by Drew Brees and his extravagant float.

—Andy Roddick is furious that Stuart Scott won't call him by his nickname, and thinks the other A-Rod may have something to do with it.

—Chad Johnson discusses possible touchdown celebrations with a few SC anchors.

—Drew Rosenhaus negotiates with the clerk over the price of lunch for a few of his SC clients.

—Dan Patrick and Karl Ravech do some rookie hazing with newcomer Larry Beil.

—Some athletes, like Miami guard Dwyane Wade, love to edit their own highlights for the upcoming SportsCenter shows.

—The Red Sox mascot is distraught when he sees David Ortiz wearing Jorge Posada's Yankee hat.

—Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird make a list of "cutest boys in the office," and Scott Van Pelt isn't happy with his place on the list.

—With violence in sports escalating, some newscasters take a self-defense class.

—Scott Van Pelt uses the assistance of the recent Spelling Bee winner to help spell "Pujols."

—Jay Harris and Steve Levy enjoy the "Manny Being Manny" antics around the office.

—The Harlem Globetrotters play "keep away" from Charlie Steiner with one of his highlight tapes.

—Kenny Mayne reruns a video of a Ken Griffey Jr. home run to come up with a home-run catchphrase of his own.

Ten More Just for the Hell of It

—On a NASCAR ride along, Muggsy Bogues is concerned teammate Vlade Divac doesn't have enough room to stretch his legs.

—Greg Oden shows his versatility to some marketing executives.

—Chris Johnson is surprised at some of the negative backlash he receives from upset fantasy football owners.

—Karl Ravech has own theories on what happened with Curt Schilling's bloody sock.

—Jeff Van Gundy dons the gorilla body suit and dances around the RV while Marc Jackson is locked outside.

—Mr. Met and the family are driving down the highway with "Meet the Mets" blaring in the background (anything with Mr. Met is automatically funny).

—Mike Breen has a Home Alone flashback, thinking he left Kevin Durant at the restaurant.

—The Baseball Tonight crew reenacts the "there's no crying in baseball" scene from A League of Their Own.

—And finally, I don't know whether you can count Ron Burgundy auditioning for an anchor job or Scott Van Pelt's meltdown while filming a promo with Kenny Mayne as an actual "commercial", but they demand some spot on this list.

Okay, onto the list...

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