BR KOTR Qualifier: MVP Vs. Shad Gaspard

David ForrestContributor IJuly 28, 2010

Here we go... the first match of the Bleacher Report King of The Ring is up and what a way to start!


Height - 6-foot-3
Weight - 259 pounds
From - Miami, Fla.

What can you say about MVP that hasn't been said before? The guy is a master athlete. Combining a technical style of wrestling reliant of reversals and submission holds, with an agility usually reserved for cruiserweights, MVP has the credentials to be World Champion.

However, he's never been able to get his hands on the gold. Maybe his brashness and arrogance make him too lax in his offence, or maybe MVP isn't able to withstand the test of nerves that is a championship situation.

Hopefully, MVP can prove me wrong by having what it takes to go all the way, but it's certainly not going to be an easy task.

Can MVP show us exactly why he's the WWE's "Most Valuable Player" or will he flounder yet again?

Shad Gaspard

Height - 6-foot-7
Weight - 270 pounds
From - Brooklyn, N.Y.

At 6-foot-7, Shad Gaspard has to be one of the most foreboding superstars in the whole WWE. His sheer size is enough to send most people hiding in terror but his physical abilities make him even more of a terrifying prospect.

Gaspard's history add even more gravitas to his title contendership. From the age of 16, he was becoming a prize fighter in the No Holds Barred bar circuit, and Tough Man competitions, taking on competitors 20 years his senior and winning.

As well as this, he was a distinguished college athlete, at wrestling, track and basketball, before a life of crime took hold, with various charges of assault and robbery.

His tough street background and his no holds barred bar-fighting history mean that Shad is one of the toughest superstars in the whole WWE, with the athletic prowess to back it up.

There's no way on earth Shad is going to down without a fight, and anyone who steps in his way is likely to be seeking medical attention soon after.

Forget Rodney Mack, forget Bobby Lashley. This guy is the most dominant African-American in over a decade in the WWE, and he's finally got a shot at the accolades he deserves after years of OVW languishing and tag-team mundanity as part of Cryme Tyme.

Expect him to make an impact.