The Miz: He Truly Is Awesome!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 27, 2010


What if you had a dream, a dream that seemed impossible but you never lost hope of that dream? Even if the people surrounding you doubted your goals and admiration of the test you are trying to pass? Would you take the road you want to take or take the route the people have suggested?

While some contemplate and wait to take a risk to reach for the stars for their dream’s some just take a leap of faith. Some may fall and ultimately fail but in the end never regret that they went the route they did. While the other few leap in the pool of AWESOMENESS!  Arrogant, the future, cocky, charismatic, over hyped…. Basically a lot of things can be said about Mike “The Miz” Mizanin but either if you loath him or love him you can’t stop watching. That key factor is what makes The Miz great! 

The Miz always wanted to be a Pro Wrestler star if not just a star in general. Before making it to the squared circle The Miz was simply known as Mike Mizanin. Mike Mizanin would audition and eventually would wind up on MTV’s hit reality show The Real World: Back to New York which aired in 2001. He was taking the right steps to place his face in the spot light which he longed for. But throughout the season of Back to New York it was evident Mike longed for something bigger. Mike Mizanin would confess his love for Pro Wrestling and said he would call himself “The Miz”.

But those plans would be put on the back burner for the time as Mike would appear in numerous challenges in The Real World Vs. Road Rules challenge spinoffs. But he would finally land on a different type of challenge. This challenge asked one simple question are you Tough Enough. Mike Mizanin was ready to attempt to answer that question on Tough Enough 4. He would end up falling short by being runner up in the competition next to Daniel Puder. But we would all end up seeing who would be the bigger star out of the two.

The WWE would offer Mizanin a developmental contract so he could progress in his beloved addiction called Pro Wrestling. He would take full advantage as we all know what happened next. He would go on to become WWE Tag Team Championship; WWE Tag Team Championship; World Tag Team Championship; United States Championship and Unified Tag Team Championship.

But as of July 18th at WWEs first annual Money in the Bank PPVs Mike Mizanin who has transformed into “The Miz” may have pulled off his greatest achievement yet! As he claimed the Raw brief case to become Miz-ter Money in the Bank! Now as a result of this many people have applauded this victory or have simply disagreed. This brings me to this……


For the people who disagree saying why I’ll tell you why. The Miz knows how to generate energy either good or bad.

FOR EXAMPLE: When Y2J and The Miz were having the epic Twitter war of the tweets what were we doing? We were paying attention and reading tweet after tweet. The Miz began as a “He will be gone in a few months Pro Wrestler” to grabbing the attention of everyone in the WWE Universe. Not only does The Miz know this so does the WWE, this is the reason they have granted him with this push. They did this to see what he could do with this kind of opportunity.

You’ve got to admit although most of you Miz-haters say he is not that good in the ring and there are others far more approving of the current position he has filled. But is it really all about just in-ring ability?

The Miz has taken a specific art form (microphone) of the Pro Wrestling game and has capitalized on it. Which keeps us watching and will he live up and step up to all aspects of a champion? We will soon find out!