Marian Gaborik a Good Fit for the Montreal Canadiens

paul masonCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

I am a die-hard Habs fan. When people ask what the CH stands for on the Canadiens' jersey I inform them, with just the tip of my tongue in my cheek, "Centre H'Ice."

The point is, I am a huge Gainey "fanboy." I was old enough to watch Gainey win a Cup wearing the historic "C."

But there are a couple suggestions I would rely to him. What, not every (or any) NHL GM wants to hear from John Q? Qu'elle surprise.

One idea I just thought of was sparked by an article written by Nick Maxson that I found on the front page of Bleacher Report's NHL front page. In it he speculated about the talented forward's future.

Marian Gaborik, as highlighted by that article, is a UFA next summer. His days with the Wild may be numbered.

It is too early to start seriously prognosticating his fate. However, I would make a pitch to him if I was Gainey for two simple reasons almost obvious enough not to have to list them.

For those fans who don't know they are:

1) Montreal pretty much lost the Sundin sweepstakes, even prior to any kind of announcement on his part. Logically, one can see that if Sundin wanted to sign with Montreal, he would have by now.

Sorry, fellow fans of the Habs empire (which was burning while Huet left), but Sundin is too classy to string along Montreal like that. He is classy enough that he would not go back on his word like that.

He stated all along he wanted to finish his career as a Leaf. He will either play with Toronto or hang them up, in my opinion. (Of course my last prediction on Bleacher Report was that Leafs would make the playoffs. Whoops).

The Habs can use the Cap room that was reserved to sign Sundin to a couple years to assist in the fund to sign Gaborik to three or more.


2) Gaborik is definitely a worthy pick up for a team whose five-on-fiv e scoring still needs more depth for them to be a true Cup Contender. It breaks my heart to admit that, but I'm a realistic fan, even if that sometimes seems like an oxymoron.

Gaborik would gel nicely with Kovalev and Tanguay. Of course Gainey may be a little trigger-shy after the "Samsonov experiment." In Samsonov's defense, Carbonneau was a rookie coach unsure who to match Samsonov with.

A no-brainer to EA addicts, but not as easy as it might seem.


3) He's freaking Marian Gaborik. Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.