Agree To Disagree: How Would Jake Shields Fare Against Nate Marquardt?

Jordan BujkoContributor IJuly 27, 2010

Friends and members of Bleacher Report, It is now time for the second installment of Agree To Disagree, where I give my take on fights that I feel would be awesome to see in the UFC, and then allow you to voice your opinion on how the fight would turn out.

So once again, it is now time to Agree To Disagree!

As many are aware, Jake Shields has been signed to the UFC as a new addition to the UFC Welterweight Division and will face Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann later this year.

The date is scheduled to be the night of UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.

Agree to disagree with me, because I don't know how many people would be interested in seeing this fight, but what if Jake Shields chose to stay at middleweight?

What if he decided to not drop a weight class? What if after Nate Marquardt won at UFC 118, he fought with Shields at a future UFC event?

I think it'd be pretty cool to watch.

Like with most fights, you have a contrast of styles, but this fight has actually a clash of similar styles as well.

Marquardt, one of Greg Jackson's boys, has excellent Jiu-Jitsu and power in his hands as he showed with Martin Kampmann, Wilson Gouveia and Demian Maia.

Shields, on the other hand, is a Cesar Gracie boy with great ground-work and grappling, but he was nearly defeated by Dan Henderson upon taking one of Henderson's fist to his face and hitting the floor.

Marquardt could do the very same thing to Shields, but then again, he could also submit Shields if it gets to the ground.

Shields is a tough fighter, though, and even if Marquardt tries to sink in a submission, Shields could defend the submission and put Marquardt in the same situation where he would be having to defend Shields' submission attempts.

I don't see where Shields can beat Marquardt, but we don't know because it hasn't happened yet.

We know that Shields could make a move back up to middleweight if he wanted to and he could actually have a great fight with Marquardt if he decided to not move down to welterweight.

Maybe he will after he faces Kampmann, and maybe he wouldn't face Marquardt until some time later in his UFC career.

But how well would Jake Shields fare against Nate Marquardt?

Agree to disagree, but I think he would fare pretty well against Marquardt.

What do you think?