Pro Wrestling's 20 Worst Title Runs (Part 1)

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2010

In pro wrestling we have had many historic title runs. Bruno Sammartino held the title for eight years way back in the day.

Bob Backlund also had a nice five-year run with the belt. Not all title runs would be so grand, though.

I decided that I would cover what I consider the 20 worst title runs in wrestling history. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane because the memories lasted longer than most of the runs with the belt.



20. Diamond Dallas Page (4/11/99 to 4/26/99)

I was a big fan of WCW, and one of my favorites was DDP. In April 1999, he fought Sting and Hulk Hogan in a 4 corners match. I didn't think he stood a shot, but as it turned out he went on to win it.

During this short title run, from what I recall he never successfully defended the belt. He was never given any kind of push with the belt. DDP dropped the belt to Sting in a span of roughly two weeks.


19. Tazz (4/13/2000 to 4/22/2000)

This was a weird situation right from the get go. In 1999 Tazz already left ECW. In a strange turn of events though, so did Mike Awesome, while he was still the ECW champ.

So what happened was Paul Heyman and Vince worked it out so Tazz could go back and fight Awesome for the belt. Everyone including the fans knew that this was a farce.

Tazz dropped the belt eight days later to Tommy Dreamer. It was interesting though to see him with the ECW belt on Raw and Smackdown though.


18. Sabu (8/9/97 to 8/17/97)

This one goes back to when ECW was ECfnW. In a barbed wire match against Terry Funk, Sabu went on to win the ECW Title in a brutal, bloody match.

Sabu's glory was very short-lived. He wrestled Shane Douglas and Terry Funk in a three-way dance. His reign as champ lasted a whopping eight days.

I will say though, that to this day, this is one of ECW's best matches.


17. Batista (10/26/08 to 11/31/08)

After Chris Jericho beat Shawn Michaels in a brutal ladder match to retain his title, His next defense was against the "Animal" Batista.

This turned out to be a very unpredictable match as Stone Cold was the ref. In the end, though after three refs and some crazy spots, The "Animal" had his hands raised in victory.

Well just a little more than a week later Jericho had his rematch. The catch was it was in a steel cage. They had a very nice match together that went back and forth.

In the end, Jericho climbed out as the new champ, Leaving Batista in the ring as the former champ after only eight days.


16. Booker T (9/17/2000 to 9/25/2000)

At Fall Brawl, Booker T was feuding with Nash. Nash won the title from Booker beating him on Nitro prior to Fall Brawl.

This time, though, he would fight Nash for the title in a steel cage. They went on to have a decent match, where Booker would go on to beat "Big Sexy" and become the champ once again.

His run at champ was very short-lived though. He went on a week later to wrestle Vince Russo in a cage for the strap.

Goldberg got involved, and wound up spearing Russo out of the cage, making Russo the new champ. This was a disgrace, and it really showed WCW was in hot water.


15. The Rock (1/24/99 to 1/31/99)

The Rock and Mankind very in a very heated feud, these two were going at it on a regular basis.

Well in January these two had an "I Quit" match for the title. I'm sure many of you have seen that one, but for those of you that didn't Mick Foley took something like 20 chair shots in a row while handcuffed.

Needless to say this was an insanely violent match, where in the end Mankind lost when a recording was played of an interview in which he said "I quit." This feud was hardly over though, because only six days later they wrestled again.

This time Mankind one using a forklift on the "Brama Bull" to regain the title, the Rock's six-day title run was his shortest and least remembered.


14. The Giant (10/29/95 to 11/6/95)

In 1995 at Halloween Havoc, The Giant (Paul "The Big Show" Wight) challenged long-time reigning champ Hulk Hogan for the title. The big man would give Hogan everything he had. It still seemed that the Hulkster was in control, when Jimmy Hart turned on Hogan.

In the end, the match ended in Hogan getting DQed.

Due to the stipulations, though, the Giant became the champ. His reign was very short lived though, because a week later he was stripped of the title and it was declared vacant.


13. Ric Flair (5/15/2000 to 5/22/2000)

After Double J beat David Arquette in the triple cage match he went on to defend it against the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Many at the time considered Flair to be done at the time.

Flair made history that night, by becoming a 15-time heavyweight champ. Well shortly after, six days to be exact.

Ric Flair didn't even get to defend the title once. Vince Russo stripped Flair of the title and gave it back to Jeff Jarrett. This in my opinion just another bone-headed decision by WCW management.


12. Undertaker (11/27/91 to 12/3/91)

I remember this match very well. I had to use my paperboy money to order the PPV. I was a huge Undertaker fan at the time.

In 1991 at Survivor Series, the Undertaker faced Hulk Hogan for the heavyweight title. At the time Undertaker seemed unstoppable. The match went the Undertaker's way the most of the night.

Like always though, Hogan would make his comeback. This time though it was not meant to be for the Hulkster. Undertaker would end up tombstoning Hogan on a steel chair (slid into the ring by Ric Flair) for the three.

I yelled with glee that night, as my boy the Undertaker took the gold from that bum Hogan, only to have him lose it six days later at Tuesday in Texas.


11. Bob Backlund (11/23/94-11/26/94)

In a match of skills, Bob Backlund took on Bret Hart in a submission match. This turned out to be a very good match as both were very technically sound. The only way to win it was for the person in the corner would have to throw in the towel.

When Bret locked on the figure four Backlund did give in. The problem was Owen wouldn't throw in the towel for Backlund. Owen also interfered while Backlund was in the sharpshooter. When this happened the Bulldog and Owen got into it.

Well Backlund was able to slap on the chicken wing. Bret's mom threw in the towel making Backlund the new champ. Three days later, Hart was supposed to wrestle but couldn't. So Diesel replaced Hart in the match.

He went to the ring, powerbombed Backlund and got the three-count. This ended Bob Backlund's big comeback.

Well that’s my first ten. I hope you all enjoyed and feel free to add in your two cents.

Stay tuned for my top 10 list coming soon.

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