How Brett Favre Has Screwed Aaron Rodgers Out Of A Career

Jeff IvesterCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

I've been thinking about this one a lot and here's my conclusion...

Had Brett Favre retired (and stayed retired) How much pressure do you think there would have been on Aaron Rodgers to win immediately? Probably not much.

The football savvy citizenry of Green Bay would have given Rodgers a little time to mature, make mistakes and grow into a the role of quarterback—a position in which the finer points require at least two or three seasons to learn and understand.

Now that Favre has pulled this moronic, and frankly immature stunt, what do think the chances are that Packer fans exercise the same patience with Rodgers? Picture the possible scenarios. Favre gets traded, the Packers start 1-3.

Green Bay fans flood the switchboards of local radio stations second-guessing the front office and claiming that Rodgers didn't give the Packers their "best chance to win".

What if Favre stays around and plays backup to Rodgers or for that matter, Favre stays and starts another year for the Packers. How does either of these situations help the Packers or their future quarterback long term?

Since we're pretending, let's go way out on a limb and say that Favre comes to his senses in the next day or two and decides to go ahead and stay retired. He cleans out his locker (and office), goes home to Mississippi and waits for the phone call from Canton.

The tundra wont even be frozen at Lambeau field before the fans start chanting Favre's name. Because Aaron Rodgers is going to make mistakes. it's what first year quarterbacks in the NFL do.

In essence, Brett Favre has selfishly traded what could be Aaron Rogers entire career for what will amount to one more season in his already stellar—and complete—career. Rodgers is screwed and it's all Favre's fault.

I hope this stupid move is not quickly forgotten when it's time for Favre to stand at the podium and gives his blubbering, tearful acceptance speech into the Hall of Fame. Look closely, sports fans, the tarnish that you'll see on Favre's bronze bust will have been well earned.