Breaking Down the BCS Top Five

Nick ConditCorrespondent INovember 29, 2007

The BCS: A great system or just something for analyzers to argue about?

The BCS seemed to have gotten it right earlier this year, but now, who knows? Here is their current Top Five:

1. Missouri (11-1)

The Missouri Tigers have had a phenomenal year. Quarterback Chase Daniel is in the top three for the Heisman, although he isn’t the favorite.

Missouri won “The Border War” against the Kansas Jayhawks last week at Arrowhead Stadium, 36-28. Their one loss was to the Oklahoma Sooners who they will be playing next week in their conference title game. If the Tigers can take a bite out of Oklahoma this week, they will be in the National Championship.

2. West Virginia (11-1)

The Mountaineers have been playing well lately. The Pat White (quarterback) and Steve Slaton (running back) have led the Mountaineers to the summit of success with the running capabilities.

West Virginia will be facing the Pittsburgh Panthers this week in the “Backyard Brawl.” The Mountaineers are slight favorites, as the Panthers are a four-touchdown underdog (28 points).

The Mountaineers can't overlook them though, as they seemingly did with the South Florida Bulls, losing 21-13. Assuming that they take care of business against Pitt, they will be in the National Championship against either Missouri or Ohio State.

3. Ohio State (11-1)

The Buckeye faithful refer to their team as “THE Ohio State University.” They have reached No. 3 with some help after losing to Illinois in Ohio Stadium (aka The Horseshoe), 28-21. Following that loss the Buckeyes dropped from No. 1 to No. 7.

During Week 12, it was time for Michigan. The Buckeyes held the Wolverines to 91 yards of total offense, while they gained 279 (50 through the air). All Ohio State needs is for either Missouri or West Virginia to lose and they will likely be in the National Championship game.

4. Georgia (10-2)

The Bulldogs were hoping for a shot in the SEC Title game this year., but Tennessee had other plans in mind. Since Tennessee defeated the Kentucky Wildcats, they won the SEC East because they beat Georgia during the season. Had Tennessee lost, the Bulldogs would be playing for a conference title and possibly a National Championship.

Other than that, the Bulldogs haven’t had a bad year. They lost only two games, one to Tennessee and the other to South Carolina. They beat both of their rivals, Florida, 42-30 and Georgia Tech, 31-17. If both Missouri and West Virginia lose, and No. 7 LSU loses to Tennessee, they might have a shot at the National Championship.

5. Kansas (11-1)

What can you say about the Jayhawks? Well, they were rolling along at 11-0 until they went into Arrowhead Stadium to face the Tigers in the “Border War.” Sophomore Todd Reesing didn’t have a terrible game, but it definitely wasn't great. He threw the ball a total of 50 times and completed 28 passes with only two interceptions. Not bad considering they threw the ball 33 times in the second half.

Kansas basically lost all chances they had at a National Title, but they could still get into a BCS bowl if Missouri beats Oklahoma (or maybe even if they lose).

In the end, the BCS National Title game may not have the two best teams playing. You almost have no way of telling who the two best teams even are.

At the beginning of the year, No. 8 USC was No. 1, No. 7 LSU was No. 2, No. 20 Texas was No. 4, and unranked Michigan was No. 5. West Virginia is the only preseason team still in the Top Five. The Missouri Tigers, who are now No.1, were not ranked at the start of the season.

This shows why the BCS should switch to a play-off system, but, because of all the money that would be lost from sponsors, that won’t happen. Why not at least add an “And One” game, so we can, in essence, have the best two teams playing each other for the Championship?