LeBron James: A Overhyped, Drama Queen

Kevin C.Correspondent IJuly 30, 2008

Basketball season as we all know, isn't for a while, but I wanted to get my thoughts on LeBron out now.

Let me give you some info on "the King.” LeBron James has averaged 30 PPG in 2008, and 27.3 PPG in his career, in addition to go with that 7.8 RPG and 7.6 APG last year.He was last year's NBA All-Star Game MVP and Scoring Champion. Pretty good stats, eh?At 24-years-old, he has already accomplished what people only dream of. Known around the world as one of the most versatile and explosive players in the game, LeBron, in many people's minds, is better than Jordan, Rusell, Magic, and Bird.

But you see, that’s the problem. To be honest, like Deshawn Stevenson and many of my colleagues think, I think he is an overrated, camera-hogging, whining punk—not to mention traveling five miles every time he touches the ball.

Now, before you write comments on my story about how you think I'm a tool, just listen to my point of view.

The 2008 playoffs against the Washington Wizards must have been one of the most controversial, hard-fouling, competitive series in my mind."There's been some extracurricular activities going on outside and inside this series," James said, "but I've been able to stay focused." Let's go back to Game Four at Washington. LeBron’s drive to the hole: yes, he gets fouled. By who? Deshawn Stevenson. Not a flagrant or a real hard foul, but a foul, nonetheless. Of course, LeBron has to initiate and exchange words with Deshawn.

Now, there are many more examples of LeBron lashing out, complaining, whining, and pleading his case to the media, as showed by Brendan Haywood in a press conference shortly after a game. But I'm not going to lie; LeBron is the second best player in the league next to Kobe. He led his team to the finals in 2007 with a very weak supporting cast, which has been another issue.

My point is that the man is overrated. He's known for his highflying dunks, flashy passes, and the ability to distribute the ball, but I just think that in the public's eye is just overhyped. Yes, he will probably go on to be NBA's All-Time leading scorer. Yes, he is a role model for young people. Yes, the man is a beast.

But I look around and all I see are people wearing "James" jerseys, talking about his 50-point who knows how many missed shots he had games, and his amazing dunk from last night.

Who cares?

I know personally three players I would, right now, rather have on a team then him due to the fact that he draws so much attention away from the team and because his selfish, stat-hogging play wouldn't be wanted:

Kobe, Tim Duncan, and D-Wade.

You LeBron fans like stats don't yah?

Here are some stats for you:

·         LeBron in ‘07-08 attempted 359 3-point attempts, and made 113, shooting 31 percent;

·         He is No. 2 in the NBA this postseason with 4.1 turnovers per game—not a way to win the championship, if you ask me;

·         And the best one of all, he ranks No. 1 in the NBA in Field-Goal Attempts Per 48 Minutes with 26.04 per game.

So, why is his stat book so nice? Because he does everything, shooting, passing, rebounding more than any other person in the league—and not in a good way. Guaranteed, if D-Wade were to play like LeBron he would be a much better player, now that he is healthy.

Somebody please tell me why you guys love this ball hogging, complaining, and drama queen, so much.