NY Yankees Catch Another Break, Get Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2008


Washington DC  

July 30, 2008

In their usual prime fashion, the New York Yankees have shown their committment to winning the World Series this, the last year of Yankee Stadium. After all, what better way is there to honor The Stadium than to play the final games of the year right there in it?

Save the dirt for the baseball purists, because the fans will take the win and cherish it more than sod anyday, though Hank has said that NY will move the dirt and sod to the New Stadium, too.

In breaking news today, after the Yankees took Baltimore 13-3, the Yankees announced that they have let go of Kyle Farnsworth, who is now en route to Detroit to join ex-Yankee Gary Sheffield.

In return, the Yankees have snagged the 14-time All Star catcher, Pudge Rodriguez, who won the league MVP in 1999, and was Rookie of the Year in 1991, while with Texas. 

The only negative in this is that New York picks up Pudge's $10.6 contract while shedding Farnsworth's $5.6 million. It will cost them $5 more million per year, and that may mean that Jarrod Washburn stays a Mariner.

He's hitting .295 this year, but “I-Rod” is a career .302 hitter. In 2008, he has 32 RBI, with 16 doubles and 33 runs scored, which will only help the Yankees' inconsistent offense.

Considering that Xvaier Nady (X) has already contributed, Pudge may just blow it up in NY and go on an all-out offensive terror, while providing that bat that has been missing behind the plate.  

Kyle was allegedly very upset about receiving the news after the game today from former teammate turned coach, Joe Girardi. He wept in the locker room as he said his good-byes. 

Farnsie gave the Yankees a great year in 2008, adding two pitches to his 98 mph fastball. But with Damaso Marte just retrieved from Pittsburgh, the Yankees either opted to stick it out with Jose Veras and the others in their bullpen, or Detroit demanded the scrappy veteran.  

In 2008, Kyle Farnsworth pitched 45 innings, giving up 18 runs for a 3.65 ERA. He had a bumpy ride of it last year, but in the offseason, he added a slider and a curveball to his repertoire, and it had good results for him. In the last 11 games, he has only given up two runs, which gave him real value, making this trade possible.    

Pudge’s impact will mean that Jorge Posada can now, in good conscience, get his much needed surgery, which has a six month recovery period. He should be back in April. It also means that Jorge may end up platooning at first and/or DH next year.  

It also brings into effect Jason Giambi, as this could mean the end of the Giambino in the Bronx altogether, though why wouldn't they opt to keep “The Big G” for his bat and make him a full-time DH—if that’s what he wants? 

Jason Giambi's run-production alone demands that he should at least be offered a contract, and his market is undoubtedly down since 2001.

It also means that Chad Moeller will either be sent back down or be placed on waivers for another team to pick up. Considering that their minor-league affiliate just lost McCutchen, Karstens, and Ohlendorf, one might think Chad Moeller would add some talent to the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Yankees. 

Maybe with Pudge at the plate, Jose would draw bigger crowds for NY in AAA, and his $2 million wouldn't even come close to being the highest paid on the team.

There are still more free agents right now that would be dirt cheap, and they can only help NY win. The bench is still a problem, and bringing in Jose Molina to pinch hit does not solve their offensive issues. 

The Yankees haven't had a serious bench since Ruben Sierra, Tim Raines, David Justice, Cecil Fielder, and Darly Strawberry. 

Here is some offensive help that would be cost effective.