Fernando Alonso Is a Rubbish, Big Eyebrowed, Cheating, Arrogant Git

Daniel GoochAnalyst IJuly 26, 2010

Alonso has yet again sparked controversy in the sport of Formula One, and yet again it is because of his selfishness.

If you like Fernando Alonso there is no point reading on...

This article is not meant to be the best one written, or to be that fun to read. Its just an article for me to rant and maybe an article for some to concur with.

If you are into F1, you probably watched the German Prand Prix on Sunday or have read about it.

There is just one real story... Alonso is a cheat.

He believes he is the best driver in the championship, and that the Ferrari team revolves around him.

He cried like a baby because he wanted to win. To shut him up, Massa (a true team player) let the big eyebrowed Spaniard drive past.

This is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

For most Englishmen, nothing can undo what he did to Lewis Hamilton during qualifying of the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix.

With seconds to go to qualify, both McLaren teammates pitted to get ready for another lap to try and get to pole position for the race the next day.

Alonso went in first, but then seemed to stop for much longer than usual.

Too long.

He was stationary for just enough time that Hamilton could not complete his final lap. You cannot tell me the team told him too do that. The pictures on TV showed the top men at McLaren going mental at their stations.

There was another moment in his career that Hamilton will be angry about. It wasn't Alonso himself, but his fans.

Some Spaniards supporting Alonso 'blacked themselves up', and wore t-shirts saying "hamilton's family".

The smug look on his face just makes my fist clench up.

Shave your eyebrows, learn to speak English, stop acting like a baby, and learn to drive.

There are just so many reasons why I have Alonso's face on my dartboard.