Can Linda McMahon Do Any Good For Pro-Wrestlers As Senator?

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 26, 2010

Linda McMahon as Senator is something that could benefit Pro-wrestling! I know your probably saying to yourself "Jacob, She one of the reasons why the PG era was ushered in!"

On that point, I can't really argue, with but she could help pro-wrestling in every imaginable and unimaginable ways.

As Senator she could be the person who finally give pro wrestlers unions. As we know, wrestlers work 200+ days a year and many work with serious and/or lingering injuries that can lead to greater problems later in life.

They wrestle because they do not want to lose their spot or because the promoter forces the pro-wrestler to wrestle.

Many wrestle without insurance and those lucky enough to be in a promotion that would pay for most injuries even that is not enough. Of course, some promotions force their pro-wrestlers to wrestle injured.

WWE is one promotion that does not provide insurance!

How can wrestling promotions get away with this kind of treatment to their pro-wrestlers? Well, the answers is that pro-wrestlers are independent contractors and not employees.

Since pro-wrestlers are independent contractors, they do not have an union and can get fired on a whim.

This is where Linda McMahon could come into play!

McMahon could make it where all pro-wrestlers are considered employees and she could make it where an union is establish to protect the right of pro-wrestlers.

The Union can cover all promotions in the United States to where wrestlers won't be fired because they are not being used or forced to wrestling with a very serous injury!

Also, unions can benefit wrestlers that are retired. retired pro-wrestlers who need financial assistance for surgery or other issues they received from their time working in their respective wrestling promotion.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) as wrestlers do follow a script to where it can be considered acting. Pro-Wrestlers can also be known as stunt persons in the sense that that doing a tombstone piledriver or shooting star is like falling down stairs in a movie.

I don't think I need to name examples of retired pro-wrestlers who needed funds for surgery or other serious illness as we all experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of knowing that the said wrestler not getting the help that he or she needs!

Linda McMahon could also help pro-wrestlers get insurance as not many insurance companies are not crazy helping wrestlers. The reason is due to the fact their is a high risks of injury in the wrestler chosen profession!

There is one other pressing topic I believe that Linda McMahon could help with and that is pro-wrestlers' addictions to steroids, painkillers and other narcotics.

Wrestlers take steroids to look bigger and to make it into the main event, as big guys are popular figures in the main event stage. Promoters and bookers pressure wrestlers to take steroids in order to satisfy the image that is main event material!

The addition to painkillers is more of a necessity as pro-wrestlers work non-stop and wrestling with injuries to where they should be resting.

Wrestlers need painkillers to work through the pain and in order to give the best performance they possible can the pro-wrestler needs to work through the pain.

The repetitive use of Painkillers can effectively ease physical pain and can build up tolerance very quickly to the point that wrestlers get higher dosage as the effects are not as good with the current dosage that they are on!

What Linda McMahon can do is insert herself into the next investigation of pro wrestling by Congress or the senate. By suggesting a universal wellness policy there similar but ultimately better than the WWE version.

A universal wellness policy would keep all promotions in line and would make it easier to help wrestlers who are addicted.

Now we can all agree that all I have stated can help Pro-Wrestling, but in reality it may never come to fruition, as Promoters and Vince McMahon hate Unions and universal wellness policy is an impossible to achieve.

Unions can cost promotions like WWE and even independent promotions money. Unions can set age where a wrestler may be have to be forced to retire and never wrestle again. Unions could also limit the number of matches a wrestler can have per year.

All that is good for the well being of pro-wrestlers, but not good in the business sense, as promotions will lose money. For the WWE's case that be fewer house shows as they need the top drawers to mainly wrestle on PPVs and their brands.

Vince is all about the money so, Linda McMahon will most likely not support unions as it will hurt the WWE which she does not want to happen as it her creation as well!

A universal wellness policy is also unlikely as Linda McMahon will not want to investigate the WWE as that will tarnish her name as a senator so she will be against the investigation most likely which in turn means no universal wellness policy.

No matter what the odds are of something good coming out of Linda McMahon becoming senator (if that happens) then maybe a small aspect of my ideas will happen. 

So at the end of the day we can only hope that Linda McMahon as senator means good things for pro-wrestling and not a calamity!

I would like to give my gratitude to Mike AKA the Professor for providing me some of the information that is presented in this article!