Journey of a Phoenix: A Tribute to the World Heavyweight Champion Kane

ChinmaySenior Analyst IIJuly 25, 2010

Thirteen years ago a force was still unconquered in the world of WWF, force that reigned over the roster. Many tried including Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, Hulk Hogan and HBK, but to no avail. Many souls were lost in the quest of unconquerable.

That force was a phenom called The Undertaker. He was a gimmick never seen before, a character sinister and grotesque to the superlative level. He was loved by the universe irrespective of his darker ways.

However in 1997, began some promos of a brother of the undertaker. It was alleged that the Undertaker, a demented mind, had set his household on fire. He killed his parents but his brother was left alive, a brother who kept nursing his bruises for years to come.

It was during Hell in a Cell  match between the Undertaker and HBK,  Kane  made his debut with  Paul Bearer  on his side. He broke the Cell, demolished the Phenom and left the WWF universe stunned and aghast.

Not even a few superstars in the history of WWE have got a chance to make their debut in such a mesmerizing fashion. Kane, a character portrayed by GlenJacobs was destined to greatness.

That is what we thought. 

In his first year in the company, he stretched Undertaker to unprecedented limit. He defeated A-listers, and finally held the coveted WWF championship for one day .

Yes, only one day.

We might have thought at that time, that it is just a matter of time before he holds it once again. We waited for a year, when they made him job to DX. We waited another year while he confronted Rock, stone cold, HHH and finally his brother once again.

There were flashes of dominant monster sometimes in between. At royal rumble when he eliminated 11 people to establish a record, a hope reignited. We thought his chance would come. He would get meaningful feuds.

Futility was all we experienced for years to come.

We saw Kane getting unmasked and getting stripped off his demonic aura.

We saw, once a demented monster that made people shit into their pants, getting involved into disgusting storylines like Katie Vick incident. WWE made mockery of Kane and Lita in next storyline.  

He got involved with ‘The Deadman' to be defeated at WM once again.

From that day, we saw Kane going from bad to worse. Once a satanic monster became a jobber. Who jobbed to anybody and everybody. From MVP to Dolph Ziggler, the list is endless and shameful. People justified it by saying that he was helping younger talent to get over.

Mature fans were left sulking for the amazing worker who was denied his due. Please keep in mind my readers that there should not be a single doubt about wrestling ability of Glen Jacobs. He has been the most loyal worker of his company for years. It must have been a tough journey to be a part of several embarrassing storylines. What did he lack? Charisma? Wrestling ability? Agility? Devotion? What?

 Not even a single factor was missing. Then, can Mr. McMahon please answer, that what did Batista have to supersede Kane?

It was saddening to see Kane getting lost into a clutter of rubbish storylines. His career seemed lame when compared to his iconic Brother. Moreover, it was terrible to see him losing to 619 for weeks.

Karma is intriguing to say the least.

Rey Mysterio, the most dominant gimmick of recent times, added another feather in his mask when he laid out The Undertaker in reality. Little did we know at that time, that a man who mocked the big red machine for weeks would ultimately catalyze his rise to the top.

WWE shocked the world, when they announced through Teddy Long that Kane found his brother in vegetative state. What followed was awe-inspiring Promo from Kane where he vowed Vengeance. He declared that he would find out the culprit behind Undertaker’s vegetative state. He made it clear that he would be the jury and the justice. In weeks leading to Money in the Bank, Kane dominated Smackdown in a fashion that even Undertaker would be envious of.

Irony is sweet and beautiful sometimes .

He had vowed vengeance upon the Phenom when he debuted and made everlasting impression. In his second coming, he vowed vengeance upon the person who laid out the phenom.

 (It is another matter now that most likely he is the one who did the job. Nonetheless, finally we saw Kane being the monster again.)

Then came 18th July when WWE shocked us once again. Not only Kane won MITB, he cashed it too. After 13 long years, finally he achieved what he undoubtedly deserved.  He cut probably the best promo of his career this week on Smackdown. Once again, he made clear that his aim is still to find out Undertaker’s attacker.

I know I have missed out on a lot of details above but I guess you can forgive me for that. We all know that he will be a facing 619 for WHC at SummerSlam. There are high chances that he’ll be feuding with his brother after that. A lot of sites are claiming that Glen Jacobs want to retire soon. It is any way apparent that he is on the western side of career.

It is nice that in twilight of his career WWE turned him into a phoenix, who according to their storyline actually rose from ashes. I do not care what is going to happen next. I just want to relish what is happening today.  

Matt Striker for change aptly summarized on SD, that many in the WWE universe are feeling that they have won the WHC. I am one of them.

Please let me know if you are like me too. Please comment and give me your feedbacks. Thanks for reading.