BR's Battle of the WWE Champs: Round 2

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 25, 2010

In the first round of the tournament we had some real solid action. The legend killer Randy Orton has beat a lot of greats, but he was unable to take down Bruno. Jericho and taker had a classic match but the dead man prevailed in the end. Over all the older legends didn’t make it. We did have a few survive though. Backlund, Andre and Savage survived the first round.

We had a few complaints in the first round. For starters I completely screwed up and left Rey Mysterio out of the first round. To all of you Mysterio fans I apologize. I also heard rumblings about heavy hitters battling out to early. I think I have found a way to fix the problem for both parties.

In order to have Mysterio added I had to make an extra bracket. So in the final bracket it will be a three way dance to see who moves on. I hope this makes everyone happy. Thank you all for participating and once again sorry for the screw up.


1st  Bracket

]---- Rick Flair, He is a 16 time Champion; 2 time WWE Champion.


]---- HHH, he is a 13 time WWE/Heavyweight Champion.


]---- CM Punk, he is a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- HBK, he is a 3 time WWF champ and one time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Chris Benoit, he is a World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Mankind, won the WWF belt 3 times.


]---- "Mach Man"Randy Savage, won the  WWF title twice one reign lasted a year.


]----The Undertaker, is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion and 3 time Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Bruno Sammartino, won the belt twice one reign lasted 8 years.


]---- The Rock, is a 7 time WWF/WWE Champion.


]---- Edge , is a 4 time WWE champ and 5 time Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Eddie Guerrero, is a one time WWE Champion.


]---- Kane, won the WWF/WWE title once and won the Heavyweight title once.


]---- Booker T, is a one time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Hulk Hogan, is a 6 time WWF/WWE Champion.


]---- Bret"The Hitman"Hart, he has held the  WWF gold 5 times.


]---- Stone Cold , is a 6 time WWF Champion.


]---- Bob Backlund, is a one time WWWF Champion and a WWF Champion once.He had one run that lasted 5 years.


]---- Kurt Angle, is a 4 time WWF/WWE Champion.


]---- Goldberg, is a one time World Heavyweight Champion.


]---- Andre The Giant,   won the WWF belt once.


]---- Sheamus , is a two time WWE Champion.

12th (Triple threat match)

]---- Rey Mysterio


]---- Chris Jericho


]---- John Cena

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