What I'd Like to See In The WWE

Gabe MamboContributor IIIJanuary 17, 2017

For years, we've seen the WWE evolve before our very eyes. We've seen it through its good times, and we've seen it through its bad times.

The Internet Wrestling Community feels that it is at a worse stage than it has ever been before.

Though I tend to disagree with the sentiment, I can say that the WWE could use some improvement. What's wrong with asking a promotion to do better?

Are there flaws in the WWE? Of course; nothing is ever perfect.

One thing that's wonderful about the Internet Age of Professional Wrestling is the ability for fans to express what ideas they have for the industry.

Today, I want to join the masses. I'd like to express what I feel the WWE should do to improve their solid, yet lackluster product.

Will Vincent Kennedy McMahon ever read this? Probably not; he's too busy trying to keep his company a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Could these ideas be useful to the WWE as a whole? Of course; I hope that the creative staff will share in my sentiments and eventually build something great.

Either way, I feel these ideas will ultimately help the WWE become a better product today.


1. Keep John Cena As Your Top Man

Although this might be irrelevant, I feel that the WWE could do more with this.

For every era, the WWE has had a defining face of the company. In the 1980s wrestling boom, Hulk Hogan was the man.

When there was a transition period between the 80's wrestling boom and Monday Night Wars, the WWE had Bret Hart.

In the Attitude Era, a plethora of wrestlers came along, but everyone noticed The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

In today's era, the WWE has John Cena. Many may not like this fact. I, however, would like to assert how important he is to the company.

John Cena is the top wrestler in the WWE. He may not have the best moveset. He may not have the best mic skills. But, he surely will become one of the all-time greats.

Cena is the face of the company in the ring and backstage. He's a main draw and will likely remain that way for a few more years.

He's the best thing the WWE has going on for the long term. Keeping him off the top of the WWE is a huge risk.

This is the one thing that the WWE is doing right now that they should always do until they find a replacement; they are keeping their top man on top. And that's how it should be.


2. Find a Top Heel

I personally feel that while John Cena is the definite face of the WWE, there isn't a counterpart or rival to usurp him.

Right now, Cena is faced with the uprising Nexus. They're being booked excellently as a formidable force, but I feel that they work more as a unit than as the bad guys of the WWE.

While they are the hottest heel commodity, I'm yet to find the top heel in the WWE. If Randy Orton was still on the dark side, I would definitely call him that.

Since he's more of an edgy face now, though, the title of heel is left wide open.

Right now, Sheamus is the top heel on Monday Night Raw. He's the current WWE Champion and I feel convinced that he is in the Main Event to stay.

Still, the heel aura is going to take a while for me to enjoy. Maybe it's because he's just been on the main roster for a year? Who knows...

There are plenty of heels in the WWE. Edge, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk are three Main Event caliber heels that could easily take the spot of the top heel in the WWE.

Drew McIntyre and The Miz are slowly climbing to the main event in my opinion. Mr. McMahon is high on McIntyre and The Miz literally has a world title shot in his hands.

Both can be effective heels when used right. I definitely would like to see McIntyre succeed as a heel, but I think it all depends on what situations they book him in.

In the end, the WWE should find a definitive top heel. Again, though, it looks like they're doing that part right with Sheamus as WWE champion.


3. Improve the Midcard Titles' Status

The United States and Intercontinental titles are the midcard championships of the WWE.

Both have rich histories, and both belts have been held by well respected wrestlers.

In a day and age where world titles are changed every three months at average, though, the midcard belts are almost ignored.

Last year, the Intercontinental title went through the contrary. Though it wasn't one of the greatest years in the belt's history, it was definitely one of the better recent years.

CM Punk. JBL. Rey Mysterio. Chris Jericho. John Morrison. Drew McIntyre. Each wrestler benefited from having the championship, and their overness added prestige to the belts.

The IC title division was alive and well because emphasis was put on each title. It was impressive to see.

Imagine if the U.S. title were given the same treatment? Would The Miz be an idle champion with constant title defenses and solidly booked feuds? I doubt it, and yet I feel that The Miz would be better off with a shorter reign that was more exciting.

The WWE isn't doing a bad job with the belts, but they could do so much better.


4. Exploit the Womens Division's Strengths

People call the divas match on Raw and Smackdown the "bathroom break." The WWE seems to lack emphasis in the division.

The Divas belt is almost invisible on Raw. I can't really find excitement with anyone winning the Divas title. I wasn't thrilled when Eve won it, and I'm not thrilled that Alicia Fox has it now.

The Womens division has been polluted with something I'd like to call the "Laycool Effect." It's as if Michelle McCool and Layla London can't live without having the Womens Championship on either of their shoulders.

Both divisions of womens wrestling could use an emphasis. They could use it really soon.

Perhaps it's the lack of formidable top divas who can fill the void of injured headliners like Melina and Beth Phoenix? If that's the case, then perhaps they should find a way to make people care about womens wrestling.

The Attitude Era had a fine womens wrestling division. Most of them were hardly wrestlers, though they did have gems like Chyna, Ivory, Lita, and eventually Trish Stratus.

Even when the "Ruthless Agression" Era came forth, the WWE had a deep womens division. Mickie James, Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Molly Holly, and others were womens champions.

In today's division, the potential is there. I mean, I hate  the character of Maryse because she's such a mean bitch. You have to be talented to evoke such emotions.

If the WWE could find the strengths of the divas, then they could exploit those strengths and make them the element that draws attention.

Of course, they have to stay within the realms of PG, but womens wrestling is being taken seriously as opposed to being a spectator's sport. Improvement shouldn't be hard.


5. Emphasis on Tag Team Wrestling

This part is once again a minor desire of mine. Right now, the WWE is doing fine.

The Hart Dynasty has a rival. They're the Usos, who are managed by the lucious Tamina (you can tell who I have a crush on).

The two tag teams go at it, and it's nice to see that the Unified tag team titles are being vyed for.

After years of makeshift teams and lackluster title changes, the WWE is finally proving they have a living tag team division...that's composed of two dominant teams.

The Hart Dynasty and the Usos are the only teams that seem to be ready for title reigns.

If the WWE could add a few more tag teams, then I'd be really happy to see things going. Perhaps the WWE would even split the Unified titles and have brand extension become relevant again.


Any other ideas can be expressed in comments. I hope you all enjoyed the read.



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