TNA vs. WWE: Five Superstars TNA Promoted Better

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2010

Over the years many wrestlers have jumped ship from TNA to WWE and vice versa. Some people find greater success in the smaller Florida-based operation, while others are featured more prominently in the WWE.

TNA has been under a lot of scrutiny over the past year due to all the changes that have been made to the format, roster, and overall look of the brand.

Some fans find the changes refreshing while others think TNA is trying too hard to compete with WWE, rather than creating its own image.

Whatever way you look at the situation, there is one clear difference between the two companies and that is how they feature and promote their superstars.

With that being said, here are five superstars that TNA have done a better job of promoting than WWE did when these same stars were there.

The Pope D'Angelo Dinero

Pope was known as Elijah Burke during his time in WWE. Burke was first used as a ringside trainer for a much larger superstar whose name I can't even remember (Sylvester Terkay - ED.).

When WWE brought back ECW, Burke was chosen as the face of the new ECW by Mr. McMahon himself. This seemed to be the breakout moment Burke had been waiting for.

He saw relative success during the feud which pitted old ECW stars against the new class. Burke soon fell by the wayside when the feud was over and was relegated to ECW's under-card. A fate worse than being "Future Endeavored."

When he went to TNA he was given a new name and a new look. This allowed Pope to be himself and cut some of the most memorable promos in TNA history.

In TNA he is a top contender and one of the better in-ring performers in the company today. TNA saw what WWE did not and let Pope be what he needed to be to get ahead. I see a World Title in the Pope's future in TNA.


When Christian left the WWE for TNA, he was the big dog in the fight. He was immediately pushed to the top of the heap, and was given a shot at the NWA Title.

He won the title on two occasions while in TNA. He had a stable with Tomko and AJ Styles that dominated TNA for quite awhile.

Christian was seen for what he was, a great technical wrestler who could carry a brand. In WWE, Christian was pushed to the mid-card after his tag team with Edge split up.

Christian certainly found greater success in TNA, but he made his way back to WWE eventually. Now Christian is in the same position he was in his first time through WWE. He is in the mid-card and given no direction.

Christian has ton of potential and could still be given the push he deserves in WWE, but in TNA he was a force to be reckoned with.

AJ Styles

Some of the more casual wrestling fans may not have realized that the phenomenal one was once a WWE superstar.

For a short time, AJ was a WWE performer but he was usually featured on Heat or house shows. Once AJ left the WWE and found TNA, he took off.

In TNA, there is no one on the same level as AJ Styles. This guy can perform moves that 99 percent of guys won't even try, and he makes it look easy.

His feuds with the likes of Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Christian have made him an international star. AJ can mat wrestle, fly through the air, and cut great promos.

In TNA AJ Styles is considered the heart and soul, much like Tommy Dreamer was with ECW. Styles is one man who WWE really missed the boat on, but he helped TNA in ways that can never be measured.

Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick was once one of WWE's longest standing title holders with his tag team partner Paul London. The two made a very exciting tag team that silenced everyone who came in front of them.

Once the team was broken up, Kendrick was given a new character that was a snobby heel who used his large bodyguard, Ezekiel Jackson, to do most of the work.

Once he left WWE and wound up in TNA, Kendrick saw more recognition. Since coming to TNA, Kendrick has made a name for himself as a great X-Division competitor.

He holds submission victories over one of TNA's best technical wrestlers, Doug Williams.

His time in TNA has been short, but in that short amount of time he has become a fan favorite, and developed his style to become a better wrestler.

I see big things in TNA for Brian Kendrick of he keeps putting on the high level of quality matches he has thus far.


Ken Anderson was set for a main event push in WWE before being let go. The exact details behind his release are sketchy, but rumor has it that he was let go after Randy Orton made a complaint about a botched belly-to-back suplex.

Either way as Mr. Kennedy he gained fans very quickly, even as a face. He was a unique persona who liked to fancy himself a ring announcer. His self intros quickly made him into a stand-out star.

Once he was released, he began making comedy videos which were quite popular. these videos helped him keep his face in the minds of fans while he filled out his 90 day non compete clause.

Once he signed with TNA, it was clear that he would be a mouthpiece for the smaller Florida-based company. He began using his real last name Anderson, and dubbed his fans Anderson's Assholes.

His in-ring work has gotten much better since arriving to TNA and I would not be surprised to see a world title on him in the next year.

So there you have it, five superstars who TNA has featured and promoted better than WWE did.

Let me know what you think, and let me know who else you feel has found great success with a different company.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day.

On an unrelated note, Happy Birthday to Michael "Kramer" Richards who turned 61 today.


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