Message to Ryan Grant: Stop Riding the Management Hate Train

Aren DowCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2008

Ryan Grant had an incredible season last year, coming out of nowhere to thrash opposing defenses in the second half. Many, including myself, thought it was just a product of the potent passing game. But as the season came to a close, and with the Seahawks game sealing the deal, Packer fans witnessed something special.

But it has been only half a season. The Packers have seen him produce, but frankly it will take a little more production before Green Bay should give him a huge contract.

With the Favre fiasco unraveling every new day, Grant's agent, Alan Herman, figures he can squeeze a couple more dollars out of Packers management. He called the offered $1.75 million signing bonus "insulting" and spewed comments such as, "I've never seen anything like that in my 24 years in the business."

Give me a break.

This is all just an attempt to drive the Packers organization into a corner. Herman has PR on his side, that's it.

If Favre hadn't publicly come out against the front office, there is absolutely no way Herman would have any advantage here. But since he has golden boy Brett clearing the way for him, Herman figures he can trot behind on an open path. This Green Bay organization rewards players for playing well, just look at Aaron Kampman.
After producing for a couple of seasons, the Packers awarded him with a hefty contract in '06. Donald Driver had two consecutive 1200+ yard seasons when the Packers ponied up and gave him a $17 million contract in 2006.

Nick Barnett put in several solid years, and was rewarded with a $35 million contract, becoming the highest paid player on the Packer defense. As long as you put in your time, the Packers will pay. Do you see Greg Jennings, who had twelve touchdowns last year, questioning his contract? No, and Grant needs to take a page out of his book.

The Green Bay front office doesn't just hand out contracts right and left. Take, for instance, the Javon Walker case. He came out against the organization and the next season got traded for draft picks. Ted Thompson is old school and doesn't play games.

Besides, Grant has a good reason to stop the holdout and enter camp. Every day lost is a day that closes the gap between backup Brandon Jackson and Grant. Jackson is nowhere near the caliber of Grant currently, but he showed sparks at the end of the season.

In his last three games, Jackson averaged over five yards per carry, including a 113-yard performance against the Lions. The more Grant holds out, the more chances he gives Jackson to overtake him.

It is understandable that a running back has a shorter playing life than any other position. However, is it such a problem to see one full season of production before handing out extensions?

Grant is being unreasonably stubborn, but it won't last long. He needs to report to training camp, and he knows it. If he produces in the upcoming season the way he did last year, I can guarantee the Green Bay will be happy to pay him.

Stop intimidating the organization Grant. If a 17-year veteran, future Hall of Famer, and Packer savior can't break them, you certainly cannot.