Just Let Ecw Die Already

Ed ScoglioContributor IJuly 23, 2010

Well last night on Impact we finally had the announcement that most of the internet had known for almost a month. TNA’s Hard Justice PPV will feature former ECW talent and will give them one final send off. When I originally heard this news, I was pretty whatever about the whole thing. I didn’t see the need for it, nor did I think the show would succeed on any level. After seeing last Thursday’s show ending brawl, my expectations fell even further. Then I finally saw the original One Night Stand show from 2005 and to say I was blown away by the show would be an understatement. It was an amazing show and even now 5 years later that feeling that you’re watching something special really hits you. That being said, I still had no hope for TNA’s ECW show. One Night Stand 2005 was lightning in a bottle and TNA’s show would just be missing too many important things.

    Then last night on TNA Impact, Tommy Dreamer officially made me outright HATE the idea for this show. I have always had so much respect for Dreamer, but last night he succeeded in making not only himself, but also everyone from the old ECW involved with this show look like complete clowns.

    At this point I really should be used to seeing people in TNA cry. Tara seemed to cry anytime someone said anything and now Tommy Dreamer cried about seeing ECW get crapped on by Vince McMahon and the WWE. Well Tommy, frankly, you have yourself to blame just as much as Vince. He said it himself. “At ECW One Night Stand, I had my closure. I really did.” Those are the exact words from Dreamer on last night’s show. Now I just have to ask, if he had closure on ECW, then why’d he agree to come back for ECW’s relaunch in 2006? If it was for the financial security then that’s fine. It’s never fair to criticize a man for doing hat he feels he has to do to make a good living for his family.

    However, for Tommy to stand in that ring and play the victim and to act like he and the rest of the ECW family got shafted by WWE and didn’t have a proper send off is quite simply bullshit. If Tommy Dreamer and the rest of the ECW wrestlers felt such closure with ECW in 2005 then they should have had said “thanks, but no thanks” to Vince back in 2006. If they loved it so much, then they should have known to let ECW die on June 12, 2005. Had they let it happen, then ECW and Tommy especially would’ve had a beautiful ending, one they deserved.
    Another thing Tommy Dreamer did last night that particularly set me off was him saying that WWE spat on the ECW grave and he had to quit his job because it got so bad. Clearly things weren’t so bad that he signed a contract extension when WWE gave him the ECW title last summer. Dreamer also had a wonderful send off from the ECW brand. It’s not everyday that WWE gives that opportunity to its wrestlers. Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and Jeff Hardy all had that chance. Austin and Rock barely got that. Hulk Hogan didn’t. WWE clearly cared enough about Dreamer to give him that last night on ECW and let him give his final speech to his fans and celebrate a great career with his family. For him to just turn around 7 months later and throw it under the bus is bullshit.

    Tommy really should be thankful to Vince and WWE for even hiring guys like Balls Mahoney, Sabu, Sandman, Justin Credible, and the other ECW stars. Vince gave them a chance to do what they loved and make a good living doing it. On top of all that, they didn’t do much to justify WWE bringing them in. Very few could work any match other than a hardcore match and there’s really only so long that can work especially since most of them were getting up there in age and the years of that style had already worn their bodies down. Botching a move in front of a couple hundred people in a high school gym can be forgiven, but botching constantly in front of thousands of people in an arena and millions watching at home can’t be. Instead of hating Vince for what ECW turned into, Tommy should thank Vince for giving those clowns a job at all.

I think the saddest thing about last night’s show was that Tommy Dreamer and the ECW wrestlers have now become what they claimed to hate 15 years ago. They’d always chide WCW for keeping its spotlight on the old washed up wrestlers and never giving it to the fresh stars whom deserved it. Now ECW are the old, out of it has-beens who are hogging the spotlight clinging to past glory.