Manny Pacquiao: Schaafer Backs Ellerbe, Claims Arum Promotes Like UFC

CJ JamesContributor IJuly 23, 2010

Firstly, I'm not surprised Rich ha stayed quiet. He's no Bob Arum. He's a businessman, who cares about making money, and getting fights made. Not how negociations reflect on his own personal image. If Bob was a businessman, and not the great entertainer promoter, this fight would have been made months ago. Let's be honest.

Anyway, typical Schaafer. His words are very short, but pretty cutting. "You read the statement Leonard put out, and I stand 100% behind this statement. This is our position on events". He went on to tell the interveees, Boxing Scene, that the statement was actually on behalf of Golden Boy Promotions as a business, and not Floyd Mayweather.

So in short, Golden Boy Promotions are openly stating that either Bob Arum or Greenburg are lying about the extent of negociations. And hinting strongly, that Bob Arum is the one who's been briefing the press with exaggerations.

To have Schaafer backing it up is pretty significant. Schaafer and Greenburg are not only personally close, but are known allies in the boxing world. HBO's devotion to Golden Boy, is legendary, and much of that is down to the personal relationship between the two. Golden Boy always get first option on EVERY HBO date basically.

Whether Pacquiao wants to fight there or not. Something that upsets Arum so much that he's currently suing HBO on the subject. Schaafer went on, with another few pretty clever barbs at Arum. When asked to go into detail about what went on, he instead described the difference between the two companies, and how they do deals.

"Golden Boy is nothing like Top Rank. I have zero interest in shutting out rival promoters from big fights. I disagree with the direction Bob Arum has chosen to go. A UFC model won't work for boxing. But Bob made it pretty clear that this is the model he intending to follow. I don't think it's good for boxing".

Schaafer then went through a list of his top fighters who he had risked against Top Rank opponents in the past. Claiming Israel Vasquez, Amir Khan, Juan Marquez, Shane Mosely, had all been risked against rival promoters fighters in the last year or so. He also stated that he regularly put in his promising young fighters against dangerous veterans from other promoters. Citing Daniel Jacobs vs. Dimitry Pirog which happens in a few weeks. He went on to say "we had no interests or rights to rights in Pirog. He was a very dangerous fight for us, financially, and it's one of our best young fighters being risked here to a rival company".


Schaafers words are pretty clear. He not only stated that negociations never went anywhere, and Arum broke the media injunction as soon as talks failed, to flood the media with PR to cover himself. He also stated that Arum made it pretty clear that he intends to run Top Rank like the UFC over the next year. By that he means, the promoter owning the interests of both fighters, basically. So even if the better guy loses, they still benefit financially.

If you read Michael Marley, a Top Rank guy, saying, basically exactly the same. And read the East Side Boxing's version, based on talks with both camps, that implied the exact same thing. And then read Ellerbe and Schaafer saying the exact same thing.

I think, like most bad lies, the truth is eventually starting to creep out. Arum has no intention of risking Pacquiao losing to a fighter he doesn't control, while he's still at the top of his game. There's much too much money to be milked yet.

Why deals Marquez, Mosely, Mayweather, Williams, Bradley just haven't been able to get signed.

And why his last 3 fights will soon become Cotto (Top Rank), Clottey (Top Rank), Margarito (Top Rank).

So it's now Schaafers, Ellerbes, Michael Marleys (A top rank guy), East Side Boxings, word against Arum's it seems. Sorry Bob.

It's impossible to prove "nothing happened". It's possible to disprove "nothing happened", and prove "something happened". This won't happen though, for the same reason Bob couldn't even provide any details about what the terms of the agreement even were. All sources suggest that although there may have been conversations, negociations never took place, agreements were never made, and the fight never went anywhere.

Michael Marley states that Arum's version of "negociations" is him sending a list of frankly insulting demands to Greenburg, and being surprised when he never got a reply.......

Schaafer makes it pretty clear that he felt Bob wasn't interested in trying to seriously make the fight, because he's intent on having controlling interests of both fighters. He just won't put Pacquiao in a 50/50 fight, if he risks losing his cash cow.

Expect Arum to do what he always does. Sell Pacquiao out. Cash in on him while he's at the top, with in house fights, and then throw him to the lions when he thinks he's past his best.

Sorry Manny. Like Mayweather and Oscar learned before you, the only way for an Arum controlled superstar fighter to get a  big with a rival company, is to take Arum out of the equation altogethor