The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: A Look at This Weeks TNA Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2010

In this week’s episode of Impact we were treated to another week of great action. From the bottom of the card all the way to the top we had some great action in the ring. TNA is putting the WWE on notice right now. They are doing the one thing that the WWE isn’t doing; they are putting the fans first. The show wasn’t a perfect one though. There were a few moments in the show that left me scratching my head. I will be going over both the good and bad in this week’s edition of the Good, The Bad and the ugly.


The Good

AJ Styles becoming the Global Champ

While I have nothing against Rob Terry, I find him to be very boring. He has no real personality and that does not help with keeping a title hot. It was a smart move putting the belt on AJ Styles. For starters it keeps AJ a hot commodity. He has slipped a little since dropping the belt and this is just the remedy he needed.

More importantly, he being the champ keeps the Global title relevant. AJ should have plenty of opponents to defend the belt against. Who and when he does defend the belt against will be up to the bookers. It was a great match that really got the crowd hot for the rest of the matches last night.

Angelina Love and the beautiful people saga continues

It is no secret to anyone with half a brain that the knockout division is in bad shape. Even with the return of Sarita and Wilde the division is still lacking a lot of juice. Love and the B people have done a great job keeping the ladies action relevant. I just hope that they can keep it going until we get some more ladies in the mix.

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

This match was nothing short of great. These two athletes worked great together considering it was their first match. Throw in the fact that it was a battle between the number 4 and number 2 contender and you have magic. Both wrestlers put their bodies on the line in this match. The countered each other perfectly and sold each other’s offense like pros.

What excites me the most is the push that Joe is getting. While he was gone things were really lacking in the company. He is a staple in TNA that belongs in the top of the title mix every week. I can’t wait to see him fight Van Dam for the title.

Angle vs. Hernandez

I was a little worried about this match at first. My main concern was if these two could work a match together with such conflicting styles. It is safe to say that thankfully my instincts were wrong on this one. Both men did an excellent job from opening bell all the way to the end. We all knew that Angle was going to come out the victor. At least they did it the right way and had Hernandez look like a million bucks.

The Bad

Kevin Nash calling out Jarrett

I have to admit I was mildly entertained when Jarrett and Sting were going at it. Now it seems that we are looking at Nash vs. Jarrett angle. My issue with this feud is that it seems like all they are doing is replacing Sting with Nash. Unless things change up in the near future it will be the same angle as before. This time it will involve a bored and played out Kevin Nash.

The downward fall of Matt Morgan

A couple of months ago I was really happy with the direction of Morgan. He had a lot of steam blowing his way and I thought he was in line for a big push. He went from being a tag champ to a singles chump. He had no business taking a loss to Jay Lethal Last week in my opinion. This week things wouldn’t get much better for him.

This week he would lose to Mr. Anderson. The worst part is he lost after dominating the whole match. I couldn’t believe they had him loose after he took one Mic check. Maybe I am missing something but I am pretty sure that was the only move Anderson really got in. Then to add insult to injury they had him beat up Anderson. Why couldn’t they just let the poor guy win?

Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy

I know what you’re thinking right now. How can this be in the good and bad section? Well the answer is very simple; there were also some bad aspects of this match. I couldn’t believe that they would play that stupid phone call in the beginning of this bout. They wasted some really good action calling for a couple of minutes in this one.

I am also a little steamed that they ended this bout in a draw. When you have a classic bout it cheapens the match to end it that way. I know some may argue that it keeps the fans wanting more in the future. I don’t but into that thinking though. I just think TNA lacked the gumption to take away any steam from Joe or Hardy.

The Ugly

The ECW family returns

It is mind boggling to me why they would try to rehash magic from the late 90’s. It is the year 2010 and ECW is dead. Trying to reclaim the glory years has never worked. Just look at the second round of the Monday night wars if you don’t believe me. Listening to Dreamer almost ball in the ring was silly.

So next week instead of a good action packed edition of TNA, I get to see a bunch of old guys who don’t want to give it up bludgeon each other. I just hope that after they get their one week this silliness is over. I have started to really get into TNA lately; I would like to keep it that way.

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