WWE's To Do List: Things They Must Do To Improve Their Product

The Animalistic-Viper LP23Correspondent IJuly 23, 2010

Monday Night RAW

- END the Guest Host Concept for Good (FOREVER); NO MORE Guest Host

- Make Randy Orton the New Face of WWE, Not John Cena

- MAKE John Morrison a Main Eventer and MAKE him WWE Champion -

- John Cena CANNOT be in anymore Main Events for WWE Championship in 2010 -

- Turn Triple H Heel when he returns from Injury, then turn Sheamus Face
- Turn John Cena Heel and Make him the Leader of Nexus
- Turn Chris Jericho and The Miz from Heel to Face
- Turn John Morrison and R-Truth from Face to Heel
- RELEASE Mark Henry, The Great Khali & Vladimir Kozlov
- ONLY use Santino Marella for Funny Backstage Segments

- When Nexus eventually ends, Keep Barrett, Gabriel and Slater on the main roster and Put David Otunga, Skip Sheffield, Darren Young and Michael Tarver back to FCW Development

- Bret Hart should not be Wrestling Anymore
- Actually Use their TALENTS like Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal and Zack Ryder (United States Championship Division and underrated, underused talent)
- Make Evan Bourne WWE United States Champion
- Actually Use Jillian Hall, remove her singing gimmick. She's a good wrestler
- PUSH Natalya to be WWE Divas Champion
- Bring the Tag Team from FCW Called Los Aviadores (Epico & Hunico) to help their Tag Team Division

- Make Melina the Divas Champion as soon as she returns from injury

- Make a Tag Team with Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel. Both are high flyers

Friday Night SmackDown

- RETURN Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin in August 2010 (That's when their 90 Day Contract Clause Ends)

- RETURN Daniel Bryan in September 2010 (When his Contract Clause Ends), and bring him to SmackDown to show his technical wrestling abilities.

- Return Kane's MASK & Let him have a Decent Reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

- The Undertaker can return as American Badass Gimmick

- Make Kofi Kingston a Main Eventer

- Let Jack Swagger do his Old Entrance (Pounding Chest & Push-Ups)

- Let Drew McIntyre use his Backstage Power and Reveal his Wife is Tiffany (Turn Tiffany Heel & Make her McIntyre's Manager/Valet)

- Turn M.V.P. Heel & Make him a Main Eventer & Contender for World Heavyweight Championship.

- Turn Christian Heel and Make Him a Main Eventer

- Let CM Punk get another Reign as World Champion -

- STOP letting Rey Mysterio win all of the time

- Make Dolph Ziggler WWE Intercontinetal Champion

- Make Cody Rhodes a Top Contender for WWE Intercontinental Championship

- Let Matt Hardy get a run as WWE Intercontinental Champion

- Release Chris Masters & Let Tyler Reks go back to FCW

- Actually Use the Tag Teams on The Dudebusters (Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta) & The Gatecrashers (Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer) as contenders for WWE Unified Tag Team Championship

- Actually Use Talent of Chavo Guerrero (Make him a Contender for WWE Intercontinental Championship)

- Let Serena wrestle in Diva Matches and let Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury be a tag team.

- CM Punk should grow his Hair Back

- Bring FCW Diva AJ Lee to SmackDown to help its Women's Division

- RELEASE Hornswoggle

- Make Beth Phoenix Women's Champion as soon as she returns -


- Kaval will be the Winner of NXT Season II

- Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig), Alex Riley & Lucky Cannon will make the Main Roster

- Joe Hennig goes to the Main Roster, put him on SmackDown to make a Tag Team with Dolph Ziggler called Team Perfect.

- Later, Make a Stable called Radicalz with Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio & Kaval.

- Bring Brett DiBiase to Main Roster to make a Tag Team with his Brother Ted. The Fortunate Sons.

- Finlay & Goldust, NO MORE WRESTLING.

- WWE should also return the Cruiserweight & European Championships for deserving, underrated and underused WWE Superstars

- Reunite Edge & Christian, and when they do make them Unified Tag Team Champions -

- WWE should make a brand that has two hours. Similar to how WWE Superstars is. But have it focusing on younger, underused talent.

- Maybe return TV-14 Programming, but PG is not that bad as everyone thinks it is


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