Is Vince McMahon Banning Everything That Is Shawn Michaels?

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2010

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As many of you already know, pro wrestling legend and future WWE Hall of Famer Shawn ''HBK'' Michaels severed all ties with WWE and retired from pro wrestling a couple of months ago.

I, for one, can never see HBK going to any other pro wrestling company (I can't see him going in TNA or ROH either), and I hope that he can at least return as a on-screen character and make a few television appearances like former wrestlers The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

I honestly believe that Shawn will never wrestle again, but it appears that we will never see or hear anything remotely related or affiliated with Shawn Michaels ever again.

Via, I recently read a wrestling article stating that WWE’s marketing department was told a few weeks ago that Vince McMahon does not want any images of Shawn Michaels used.

It also stated that those close to Shawn have said that he is mentally done with wrestling and, in his mind right now, will never come back in ''ANY'' form. I'm not sure if I believe this or not.

We all knew that Shawn was very upset about his displeasure with his former student, Daniel Bryan, being released by the company, but I doubt that is the real reason why Vince is doing this.

I just hope that Vince was smoking or was drunk when he this, or maybe it is all just a ploy and he is just saying this so he can catch the WWE Universe off guard and surprise us with a comeback from Shawn as the mystery general manager or something.

All comments, sharing, and the like are welcome.

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