Is Neymar Worth of Gamble ?

chelsea fanaticContributor IJuly 22, 2010

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        Should Chelsea Take Such Huge Risk ?? 

    For past week reports in the media are circulating that Chelsea is going to go for the signing of another Brazilian wonder kid Neymar (no wonder if Chelsea wants to sign him he has to be special and if he is teen age Brazilian he must be something really really interesting prospect)

    We had made a bid for him of 18 year old star from  Santos, one of the breeding club from the samba warriors which was eventually turned down by his club. but later then his agent clarified that if Neymar wants to join Chelsea then he will do anything to make it happen so we assume here that all the procedure from that side will be taken place successfully but now that question comes should Chelsea shell out such multi millions to bring teenager who hasn't even won a international cup.

    No doubt here is that spending such huge amount on teenager is a gamble but there are also good sides to it. As he is still in his early stages of his career and yet to mature(?), he will get plenty of time to adjust himself with the English game and the weather as well as if he stays in the academy for a season then he will also be able to adjust his game play according the needs and requirements of the team which sometimes is found difficult to happen in older players. (remember the case of Shevchenko).

    Also, we all know that manager and all the team management are looking to build the team for the future rather than the present as our star players are moving towards their twilight years in football so if he stays with the team and plays alongside other academy players and gets used to them then it will surely help to create a better atmosphere in the young team.

    Carlo Ancelotti perfectly knows who has got the talent and he will never spend a useless money on players just for a sake of owners or fans' demand. He brought Kaka, Pato to AC Milan and have turned them into real world class players, so if its the wish of Ancelotti to bring him, believe in his wish cause he knows how to develop a raw material into masterpiece.

    Neymar is really one of the exceptional talent, he has speed, skills, vision, can play with both feet and can play in number of formations and all the other requirements to become a star player also he has got the natural Brazilian attractive style of play which please the viewers and never bore them, the style which Roman and also Ancelotti wants to adopt at Chelsea.

    If he continues his form and ability to perform in the seasons to come no doubt that what we spend today on him will be worth and also he will be having a huge market value which will be a plus point for us.

    But as we say, every coin has two sides, the rule applies here too. If we sign him and he comes to England then he will be considered as a celebrity even before he plays a single game, we all know what media is capable of doing. so the burden of expectations might cost him.

    This is sad but true that, in the recent years, none of the Brazilian players have come to Europe to play in England except the example of Robinho and we all know what happened to him, so this is surely a risk foe any club.

    There many more positives and negatives regarding this transfer but time and space do not allow me to continue so I will make a stop here but according to me, if Chelsea can sign him for not more than 25 million and give him enough time to adjust without putting any burden, then CHELSEA MUST SIGN HIM...... but only time will decide....... 


let us know your thoughts on this...


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