Will Dana White Cause Anderson Silva To Lose?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 22, 2010

All UFC fans must know by now that Dana White is not afraid to express his opinion about the fighters in the UFC.

"Shy," Dana is not. Neither is he very charitable.

When one of "his" boys does something that Boss Dana dislikes, it becomes immediately discernible. Whether he scowls at the offender or gives a scathing review of the behavior that caused his anger in an after fight press conference, Dana seldom tries to hide his dissatisfaction, which is one reason that I would like to replace him with Reed Harris.

Thus, after fights that he has found to be "lackluster," he chews out the fighter, who is often, in fact, the winner of the match.

On many occasions Dana has found fault with his champion fighters for winning fights too easily. Georges St-Pierre, Lyoto Machida, and Anderson Silva, have incurred Dana's wrath for this questionable sin.

How strange that with Dana, it is not enough to win a fight, if there is no blood or violence demonstrated. Skill and excellent technique are not enough to be a champion in the UFC. Savagery and blood lust, drool, and frothing at the mouth, ala Brock Lesnar, are now requisite. How much more will the UFC mimic WWE before the fans revolt?

As a long time Dana critic, I believe that he is the one who often has caused many of his champions to be defeated with his insistent demands on how they must fight..

As dumb as folks may think Grandma Dee is, I do not, and never will believe that a fighter can be told how to fight. When a fighter wins, as I see it, he has accomplished what he set out to do upon entering the ring.

Now I have been a professional nurse as well as a secondary school teacher. I have used methods that were often different than those the other nurses/teachers went by. Everyone learns differently, so you teach to a person taking their individual needs into consideration.

As a nurse, I was ruled by my gut feelings. Some of the doctors I have worked with, did not agree with my gut. Consequently, when a prominent OB doctor c-sectioned a woman I kept telling him had a bladder infection, (before the results of tests came back and  proved my gut to be right), the baby went bad and may have suffered retardation as a result.

The doctor apologised to me profusely, which was of little comfort to either one of us as we waited for the obligatory eighteen years to pass to see if we would be sued.

Because a fighter may also be lead by "gut feelings" while responding to threats in the cage, I do not feel that Dana should attempt to tell that fighter how he must fight. It is not Dana who is risking life and limb, so he doesn't get a say, in my humble opinion.

One of the reasons Lyoto Machida lost may have been due to Dana dictating that "his fights needed to be more exciting," something that went entirely contrary to Machida's fighting style of evasiveness.

Dana feels that Georges St-Pierre wins too neatly . No bloody violence, even though GSP can and does enforce his will on his opponents. Well, Georges is NOT BJ Penn and blood lust is not in his nature. Dana should just zip it up and spend more time with his preferred "golden boy." Brock Lesnar. Let Georges be Georges.

And for heaven's sake, Dana, leave Anderson Silva alone. He is probably more angry at your trash talking about him than he is about what Chael Sonnen has said.

Dana, you can be proud of your "business model," tour making speeches about how you single handedly made MMA a huge success, (although some of us would beg to differ on that), brag about the billions you are making for yourself and friends the Fertittas, but for the sake of all that is holy, don't mess with your champion fighters' heads , let them fight with their own styles.

Honestly, as a professed former boxing fan, would you have told Ali not to be a smart ass or a showboat as you have told your former champion Rashad Evans and keep telling Anderson Silva? 

Let their numbers in the wins column speak their true worth, don't let the new-fly-by-night fans who want to see endless blood and guts have your ear. Real devotees of MMA know the difference in MMA and WWE. You, Dana, can not serve two masters, so you better choose now -- sideshow freaks who bite the heads off chickens, or technically superb masters of the martial arts.

Which will it be?