WWE: Problems With The Product, Part One

Chris O ConnallCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2017

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Welcome to the first of a four part series in which I will voice my opinion on the current problems I have with the WWE product.

These articles are in no way vicious criticism's of WWE's product, nor a rant against the company.

They are simply my opinion on certain aspects of the product which I believe are problematic and which I think should be dealt with accordingly.

These articles will not focus solely on wrestling matters. It will also focus on production, creative direction, booking, backstage shenanigans and set design.

The series will feature three or four parts. I have seventeen problems to discuss, but, I am open to suggestion and will add more problems suggested by you, the loyal readers.

So, with that said, lets begin!


1) Fear of Vincent Kennedy McMahon

It is common knowledge that Vince has a ferocious temper. From what I've heard, he is like Krakatoa when he starts.

He is liable to verbally assault people or fire them when he's in a mood.

Now, is this a serious problem?


Many people, wrestlers, members of creative teams and any other backstage employee's are frightened to voice their opinion.

Therefore, some potential great ideas which could be beneficial to the product, are lost to Vince's dictatorship and bad temper.

Now, I'm not saying Vince should be as laid back as Dixie Carter and watch her company descend into chaos, as that is the other extreme.

When you're as laid back as her, it will only lead to quarrels and problems.

Vince, find the happy medium between the two and stick with it.

Listen to your staff and consider their suggestions. That's why you hired them!

Severity of problem : 10/10


2) The Raw Set Design

Not the most serious problem facing WWE Management, but, a problem nonetheless.

I want you to cast your mind back to around 2005.

Raw had its trademark set design the red ropes, black ring posts, black steel steps and a huge ''Titon Tron.'' It also featured the announcers desk near the entrance ramp which was ridiculous.

Now, what is the significance of that, I hear you ask?

It's simple.

It provided the show with its own, unique character.

Today, all WWE shows feature the same stage set which has become as boring and as stale as Rey Mysterio.

Now, WWE shows have no character.

Consider this:

If you change the lighting and the ring ropes, you could present any show in WWE from a set design point of view.

So, WWE, give Raw and Smackdown their own customised sets, thus, re invigorating their own, unique character.

Severity of problem: 3-4/10


3) Stale Announcers

By this sub headline, I don't mean poor announcing, I mean stale character's announcing matches.

First let me provide you with my take on the on-air persona's of today's announcers:

Michael Cole: The nerdy guy that everybody hates.

Josh Matthews: The nerd that people ignore.

Tod Grisham: Simply, the nerd.

Matt Striker: The preparation freak and local know all. A person who wishes to revive the lost art of the heel announcer, but is constantly restrained by WWE.

Jerry Lawler: The man with the high pitched voice. A man who comes out with the most irrelevant comments every other match.

Now, remember the heel Jerry Lawler? He was great, wasn't he?

In my opinion, the two major shows in WWE should have one babyface announcer and one heel announcer, Striker on Smackdown! and Lawler on Raw.

Also, give announcers more depth to their kayfabe characters.

Remember when WWE would script Paul Heyman's character to deliberately annoy JR?

Remember when Heyman would take that ball, run with it, say unscripted lines that added an extra bit of spice to the commentary?

Remember the quality of announcing, the commentary between them and their quick fire responses to each other's remarks?

Now that was great announcing, and entertaining too.

Severity of problem: 7/10


4) Ridiculous Rules:

You know the ones I mean:

  • Banning the classic wrestling move, the knife-edge chop.
  • Banning the use of referee's names on television
  • Interrupting matches to tend to unplanned blood injuries.

These are just a few of Vince's ridiculous judgements.

Why ban one of the most traditional moves in the art of wrestling?

Why ban using referee's names on television when there are full biographies of them on the Internet? Has WWE heard of ''Google'' and ''Wikipedia''?

Why ruin the flow and atmosphere of a match for a blood injury?(This rule will be covered in greater detail in a future part of the series.)

WWE, these rules are 100 percent ridiculous and unnecessary, so drop them.

Whether you agree or not, I think this is a big problem facing WWE.

Severity of problem : 7-8/10


If you would like me to cover any particular problem, simply let me know and I'll try to fit it in near the end.

Thanks for reading.


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