John Cena Set to Turn Heel at SummerSlam?

Rick DanielsContributor IIJuly 21, 2010

These past few months, the WWE Universe has been enjoying, in my opinion, the best storyline concerning a heel stable since the times of the glorious Evolution. Clearly, I'm talking about The Nexus.

Them rookies of the first season of NXT, whom many thought were not to be seen again in a long time (except for Wade Barrett and Bryan Danielson), reappeared like a sweet drink for a thirsty audience after one one hour, 55 minutes of a very forgettable Viewer's Choice Monday Night Raw.

They tore the ring apart, destroyed referees and announcers, and the then WWE Champion John Cena in what resembled an "Attitude Era" flashback.

The reaction of the fans were quickly felt: the first video posted on Youtube showing the incident drew almost 150,000 views in two days, before being banned for copyright infringement.

While The Viewer's Choice RAW held a rating of 3.1, the following week after The Nexus attack it increased to 3.4, and the week after to a 3.52 (first time since the night after WrestleMania).

Also, it was reported that after the end of RAW, comments on the attack appeared on Twitter with a regularity of 3 to 5 minutes between each, and before the following week's RAW every 10-15 minutes.

Now, many fans (myself included) are still skeptics of the outcome of the storyline: we're used to being disappointed by WWE.

However, a turning point is approaching regarding the SummerSlam PPV, and the outcome might be very interesting if done well.

As Wade Barrett keeps talking of a "much bigger picture," and events such as the reveal of the GM's identity and the possible return of Triple H still to come, added to the determination showed by the WWE "big fishes" to keep gaining in ratings and sales, it looks like something big is about to happen.

And here's when John Cena comes to the plate.

Even though being the face of the company, is no secret that Cena's character gets every day more despised by the WWE Universe.

Much of his old fans of the rapper's days have slowly turned on him (myself included, just that I turned on him a long time ago), not to mention the ones that never liked him and many others.

At the PPVs and lately even at the live events the boos and "Cena Sucks!" chants can be clearly heard competing against the support of the kids, girls, and women.

His gimmick of super hero takes away a lot of entertainment, and so does his lack of wrestling skills and stupid, passionate screaming speeches.

It looks like Randy Orton is finally taking over the place that he deserves, and these days his pops are bigger than Cena's, and for what I have been reading and researching, so are his merchandise sales.

So, going back to the whole storyline set: at SummerSlam, John Cena is leading a team to fight the Nexus in a seven-on-seven match.

If Nexus loses, it'll be pretty much the end of the stable. All the words will be gone with the wind, and it'll be one of the biggest disappointments in the history of the company.

If they win cleanly, there will be no stop for them except a break up. Neither option makes sense to me.

I don't think that they'll lose: Great Khali and Bret Hart are a joke in the ring, none of them have something interesting to add. Also, the Hitman is getting married soon, so he will not be big a deal on the storyline, not for a while at least.

What's left? Triple H might return at Summerslam, but he's more likely to retake his feud with Sheamus (he's already been leader of two stables already: DX and Evolution, it wouldn't be that great a third time) now for the WWE Championship, as I don't think The Miz will cash the MITB contract, not yet while feuding with R-Truth.

The GM may probably stay out of this if it is not HHH himself, which I doubt.

Randy Orton might be joining forces against the Nexus after the PPV, taking Truth's place if he doesn't win the Championship (here I can't tell).

If he does win, maybe then Truth's, Khali's, Bret's and Morrison's places (Morrison is in a feud with DiBiase) will be taken by Evan Bourne, The Hart Dynasty and the GM (it may be a big name, but just imagine Mr. McMahon coming out, angry because of the Nexus turning on him and calling out the GM, and suddenly a breaking glass sound hits, or even better: If you smeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllll.... what the Rock is cooking! man, oh man!!!)

All of this if WWE makes things right at least once in the PG era, and Cena joins the Nexus.

Now, there are many rumours, claimed spoilers, and some reliable sources saying that it's being considered backstage that Cena turned on his team and made the Nexus win, turning heel and joining the stable, then triggering a whole set of events, some of the ones I was reckoning in the last paragraph.

It's a very daring move, but this probably, and I say probably because of the known ability of WWE to spoil the party, will save Cena's career and add a lot of hot steam and interest to the storyline, and increase ratings, no doubt.

This does make a great sense for me, for there hasn't been such a good opportunity in the last few years.

WWE has nothing to lose here, because they can just undo everything in a few episodes of RAW, making Cena to be some sort of spy to crumble the Nexus from within and for the "greater good of the WWE locker room."

In the other hand, they have a lot to win. There are still three episodes of RAW before the PPV, a lot of good (and bad)things can be made out of this.

"He who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne," says a Russian proverb. Let's hope and pray that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has heard of it.

Thank you all the readers. I appreciate if you don't forget to leave your feedback and opinions in the matter!