The Nexus: Shiny Gem Or Pile Of Trash?

THE AWESOME ONEContributor IJuly 20, 2010

 I'm back for a return in The Bleacher Report. Now time to get to the topic of this article. It's a thing that has been making the IWC and WWE fans question. The 7 men known as the Nexus.

 I have seen some episodes of NXT (because I want to see the possible future of wwe) and I have noticed, these guys are treated like animals. I know how Wade Barrett said the same thing, which support that these guys are treated unfair. But, I'm not here for that, I am here to give you my opinion of this group. 

 I have seen them wrestle ( even went to a RAW show and saw them attack John Cena, I was like THANK GOD!) and I say they are all very great wrestlers that can bring WWE a major amount of cash! Even hiring one of them would be good to business. They said they not going to hired them and look what happened. Commentary, Ring Announcers, Bell Ringers, John Morrison, John Cena, and The Boss all gotten hurt in the process. 

 So they were pretty much threatened to hired them, where Nexus finally gotten something back form them. They might look like punks, but when you are in there path, you're a sitting duck. Even if you are the best in the company, you will get you're ass handed to you in a silver plater.

 Now time to make it short, Micheal Tarver is the worst, but can still make an impact. Heath Slater is a silly , but so is Jack Swagger, so he will turn to a badass like The Undertaker did. Justin Gabriel is a talent for extreme and high-flying wrestling. Skip Sheffield is turning more like Batista every week, and I kind of like it. Darren Young is a very talented wrestler that will be a face someday. David Otunga is the most likely to succeed in the WWE. And finally, the leader, Wade Barrett, is an amazing wrestler with a very bright future after he is done kicking John's ass to the floor.

 I have analyzed the facts (I sound like a f'in scientist) and say that the nexus will be the NWO 2.o of 2010, with talent, experience, and the mic skills to keep the fans happy and Vince's pockets full of money.