TNA Hypocrisy: Cross The Line Of Violence But Not Of Reform?

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

In pro wrestling we talk about discrimination quite often. We point out to each other, with our articles, about instances of unequal treatment based on sex (the Divas Division), age (William Regal, Goldust), size (cruiserweights), or race (who was the last non-white WWE heavyweight champion?).

But one instance of discrimination we rarely talk of in pro wrestling is sexual orientation. Even in the year 2010, gay/bi/trans rights is still very much a taboo topic. Some people are very hateful and resentful of these people because of the difference in lifestyle.

But in the industry of pro wrestling, one of the most testosterone driven forms of entertainment there is, people openly reject gay wrestlers outright. 

Something about an individual being different scares fans, executives, and even sponsors.

Remember the multiple time tag team champion and former United States champion, Chris Kanyon? The strain and stress from the isolation, the fear of demotion or firing caught up to Kanyon. He became bipolar and sadly, early this year, he took his own life. 

TNA likes to call themselves "cutting edge." TNA promotes the fact that they are pushing the boundaries of prowrestling. Does that only apply to violence? Is cutting edge only the amount of razor jobs Ric Flair can do in a single show, the amount of head trauma caused by chair shots, or should it be something more?

Has any one else noticed that Orlando Jordan is no longer on TV? The last edition of Impact he was on was June third. Originally I thought that he was taking a break and creative just didn't have any storyline for him. 

Turns out, it's actually officials at SPIKE restricting Jordan from appearing on TV. He has not been allowed to appear on TNA due to his outspokenness about his sexual orientation.

It's ironic in a way: SPIKE is a television network that targets the 18-34 year old male using graphic violence and sex. Yet when someone takes advantage of the TV-PG13 in a way that's non-violent and not degrading towards women, he's reprimanded? 

I am heterosexual but I believe in equality.


People want to brag about their right to bear arms or other basic rights that go along with being an American but when basic constitutional principals are broken and freedom of speech and right of expression are denied than it is no longer a free country.

I am highly curious to see IWC's thoughts on this matter so please comment.

PS: Here's Orlando's facebook if you are interested in seeing  his opinion on this matter.!/profile.php?id=100001186375532&ref=ts