Can the "New" Percy Harvin Win the Heisman Trophy?

McLeod NealeAnalyst IJuly 29, 2008

I want you to take a good look at the picture above.  There is going to be little resemblance between the guy in that jersey and the guy that is going to be wearing No. 1 on the Gator offense in the fall. 

In fact, you may not even recognize Percy Harvin when he steps on the field next season.  The word coming out of Gainesville is that Percy is going to be meaner, leaner, and faster.

If this is really true, then that is a very scary thought for any defense that faces the Florida offense this year.  Percy was a good enough player as it is without any improvement.

Last year, Percy gained 858 yards through the air, and he ran for 764 yards on 83 carries.  That is 9.2 yards per carry, folks. 

That speaks volumes about how dangerous the guy is. He is easily the most dangerous player in college football. The Heisman is not out of the question.

Percy Harvin is the only player in college football who is a threat every game to rush for over 100 yards and gain over 100 yards in the air.  Feel free to correct me on that one if I am wrong, but even if there are other players that are capable of something like that, then it is a very short list. 

Gaining 1,000 yards receiving and 1,000 yards rushing is something that is attainable for a player like Percy Harvin, and those type of numbers are good enough to bring home the Heisman.

If you want to get an idea of how improved Percy is going to be, all you have to do is look around the Internet at some of the photos that are surfacing of the guy.  This one is kind of scary if you ask me:

He is absolutely jacked right now. It is rumored that he throwing up 405 on his bench press.  Urban Meyer calls Percy Harvin the strongest guy pound-for-pound on the Florida roster, and opposing defenses have been burned by the fact that they underestimated Percy Harvin's strength. 

That should continue to be an issue for opposing defenses, because Percy Harvin will be checking in for the fall at least 200 pounds.  Percy has turned a weakness into a strength, and he may just look more like a featured running back than a receiver when he steps onto the field this fall.

The other thing that is scary is that Percy could be faster this year too.  Percy has been sidelined this offseason because he had heel surgery.  This has given him the extra time to bulk up, but doctors say that this surgery will fix a heel that has slowed Percy down his entire career at Florida.

Percy is known for making cuts without changing speed at all, and he does it on a dime.  It is a gift that few football players have.  That is what has made Percy such a dangerous player.

Imagine Percy making those same cuts at faster speeds, and then running over a defensive back, Tebow style, into the endzone.  That is the player who is going to wear No. 1 next year.

I am convinced that if the staff really wanted Percy Harvin to win the Heisman, it would happen, but the team comes first, and the Gators want to win championships, not Heisman trophies.  Just ask Tim Tebow. 

Percy puts a lot more stress on defenses when he lines up as a receiver.  That is especially true if newcomers like Chris Rainey and Emmanuel Moody can step up at running back.   It is not out of the question, though, that Percy can win the Heisman even if that is not the primary goal of the season. 

It should work to his advantage, though, as the Heisman has traditionally gone to the best player on the best team.  Tim Tebow broke that trend last year, as he brought the home the Heisman despite being a member of a three-loss team. 

So the question is: Will the Heisman go to the best player on the best team or the best player in the country, period?  If the Gators take care of business, the answer to that question should not matter, and I do not think that it will.