Dear WWE: Please Give The Miz the Same Treatment That Edge Received

Mr. TaylorSenior Writer IJuly 20, 2010

What's up Bleaches?

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On July 18th of 2010, WWE presented the WWE Universe with a brand new historic and innovative pay-per-view. A pay-per-view that can quite possibly change the format of Wrestlemania for ever.

A pay-per-view called: ''Money in the Bank.'' The main idea surrounding this pay-per-view was based on the Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match itself, where two MITB ladder matches took place.

One for Smackdown! and one of Raw, where the winner of each match would win a contract that would guarantee both wrestlers a championship match, which can be used at anytime over the next 12 months.

On this night, we saw to female championships defended. One that was lackluster....while the other was fairly average. The Hart Dynasty retained their Unified tag team titles against The Usos in a very exciting and invigorating match.

We saw the ''Big Red Machine'' Kane win Smackdown's! MITB ladder match and finally get the recognition that he deserved for so long. We saw the WWE's ''Biggest Littleman'' Rey Mysterio successfully retain his World title against Jack Swagger, but to end up losing it to Kane right after he cashed in his Smackdown! MITB briefcase and finally win his second World title in his more than a decade long WWE career.

''The Celtic Warrior'' Sheamus retained his WWE title after escaping the cage, due to the Nexus interfering in the final minutes of the match and would end up costing ''Superman'' John Cena his chance to completely make Sheamus's second WWE title reign flop.

Yes, we saw all of that take place on such an historic night. But there was one moment in particular that left a huge impact on me as a wrestling fan, a moment that made me very emotional. That moment happened when "The Awesome One" The Miz, had the most AWESOME moment in his entire pro wrestling career. The Miz finally ascended to the closest that he has ever been to the brass ring and won Raw's MITB ladder match.

I felt every bit of the emotion that The Miz showed on his face and it was pure emotion of him finally reaching a point that he had dreamed of. A point that he (and a lot of WWE fans) probably never thought he would reach as a professional wrestler. Seeing those kind of moments can be very emotional for the wrestler and the fans that were behind him from the get go, no matter how goofy or crappy he was in the ring back then.

The Miz gloated to the fans after his win and even though he was told to say all of those things, I think he meant it in real life, about how a lot of wrestling fans would always say that he would never reach this level and yet he proved all of them (including me) wrong.

Now a lot of people didn't expect him to win mostly because he is the United States champion, but I never doubted it for one second that he could win. From the time The Miz told Randy Orton that he was going to become the first individual to hold both the WWE and US title at the same time, I knew that something magical was going to happen down the line.

Now I just hope that the WWE will let Miz hold on to the briefcase for a good five to seven months so that he can improve on his new upper mid-card status and get into some big feuds with some very high profile stars.

Only ''The Rated R Superstar'' Edge has gotten a nice long reign with the MITB briefcase and I think that it's time that another individual had the briefcase for a very lengthy time. Miz should also get the same treatment that Edge received and get to defend his briefcase here and there, but with him always retaining it in the end.

The WWE title picture is pretty much full now and it wouldn't make sense inserting The Miz in between this John Cena/Sheamus/Nexus storyline at all. The Miz was good enough to win the Money in the Bank ladder match and he is certainly good enough to get the same type of treatment that Edge received when he first won the briefcase.

Now after watching what occurred on last night's Monday Night Raw, I think WWE might be going with having Miz cash his title at Summer-Slam (SS), but I hope they aren't because I rather see him hold on to it a little while longer.

I think at least one of these two scenarios should happen:

1. Randy Orton beating Sheamus for the WWE title at SS (which I hope he won't) and then The Miz will cash in his MITB briefcase on Randy after a hard fought match and become the WWE Champion, then ensue a big feud between him and Orton over the next few months.

2. Sheamus retaining his title against Randy at Summer-Slam and then they will feud over the next few months, while The Miz stands in the shadows with his briefcase, having him defend his US title (even the MITB briefcase a few times) and feud with other people to keep himself occupied over the next few months.

I just hope they won't have R-Truth take away his US title before he cashes in his championship contract because I really wanna see him carve his name in the annuls of WWE history and become the only professional wrestler to simultaneously hold both the US title and WWE title at the same time.

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