Excellent PPV Ruined By Implications and Main Event

Big BigotCorrespondent IJuly 20, 2010

So anyone who has read any of my articles, which I doubt is a particularly large number of people, will know that I just love to rant about how bad WWE booking and decision making is and how I have more creative talent in my little finger than all of their writers put together. Well last Sunday's PPV only furthered my view, which is a shame because most of the big matches delivered. My thoughts on the PPV action were as follows.

1. Quality of the matches

I loved the two MITB matches. They were fantastic. There were almost no botches and while there were several cool spots in each they never did anything stupid. These ladder matches proved that PG does not matter. If you have talented guys and give them the tools they require ie enough time, they will deliver.

However this again was another booking disaster. Time management. Once again the god awful Sheamus main evented with John Ceenit in a bloody steel cage. Whats more? They allowed that stupid NXT stable to interfere. Isn't the point of a steel cage match to allow the two guys to slug it out WITHOUT interference? You billed this match in such a way that you were guranteeing that Nexus would not get involved yet they did. Seriously, who are the Raw writers? My little sister who doesn't even watch pro wrestling could book better stuff. Why are you putting these two idiots who cant wrestle in a cage for 20 minutes, wasting my time with their slow repetitive garbage only to be skanked with a stupid finish?!

This leads to the other issue which infuriated me during the PPV, which is the World Championship match. In ten minutes of standard singles action Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio provided MUCH more entertainment than Sheamus and Cena could in 20 minutes, with a freakin steel cage to help them too. Thats how much more talented Swagger and Rey are than Sheamus and Cena. So why then were they not given 20 minutes? Why is it that the retarded bookers could not realise you will send your fans home happy putting on a fantastic singles match last with a surprise ending and babyface win? Also, about Mysterio winning. Now I am not vehemently opposed to him retaining, but you mean to tell me that guy who gets beat down for a whole match can all of a sudden find the strength to pin a guy twice his size in fantastic condition with a cheap pin? They should have let the match go on much longer with more damage done to Swagger because I dont buy the idea of a big guy with all his energy left losing to a spent guy who is half his size. These guys gave a three star match which given time could have been a four/four and a half star match. Instead we are forced to sit through two guys that together couldnt put on a good match to save their lives.

2. Implications and where things go from here

Now despite the ranting about the actual event, the wrestling still made me happy and in that respect was the WWE's best PPV since Summerslam last year. It is really the future that has me worried here more than anything. I will first deal with the lesser issue of The Miz winning MITB.

This worries me obviously because the guy cant wrestle. I dont care what people say about him improving in-ring because he is a still crap. If Sarah Palin becomes smarter does she all of sudden become presidential material? No because she would still be an idiot. Similarly when a guy who cant wrestle at all learns to wrestle abit more does that make him main event material. No it doesnt. It infuriates me even more because I saw this as John Morrison's last chance to reach the main event. This is it for him. And that thought terrifies me. He is the most consistent performer on WWE TV and in terms of ability is third on the list of guys on the WWE payroll, behind Kaval and CM Punk of course. There were two logical winners last night, Bourne and Morrison. Instead we have the Miz. A guy who may be amazing on the mic, but puts on the worst mens singles match every ppv. In actual fact I cant think of any singles matches he has had that I would give more than 2.5 stars. Unless Morrison gets drafted in some underhand way to smackdown in the next few months his career is over, and unfortunately a man with less than 5% of Morrison's in-ring ability is about to see his career sky-rocket. I just hope he gets seriously injured and gets forced to drop the briefcase like Kennedy did to Morrison. You never know, it could happen. A guy can always hope.


Anyway, time for the biggest gripe I had with the whole event and outcomes, and it of course relates to that horrible picture I have uploaded. A picture of that horrible summerslam main event that I am DREADING. In actual fact not just the summerslam main event. The best wrestling show on television after ROH on HDNet is now in danger of becoming one of the worst. Smackdown since the 2009 draft has been ALL about the uber-talented younger stars getting fantastic opportunities to go out and wrestle great matches and has become for anyone who knows anything about wrestling the true A-show of the WWE. This era is now drawing to a close. With Swagger now out of the title picture, CM Punk fading away as far as a meaningful feud is concerned and of course John Morrison no longer being with us the show is going to go through that awful phase it had at the end of 2009 when Batista-Taker was the main feud and McIntyre had first arrived. The only difference now is that there is less talent on the roster to compensate for that, and Kane is feuding with Taker.

Sorry but anyone who sees any potential in this feud doesnt actually properly understand wrestling. Kane and the Undertaker was once a good match because it was built rather well and as a one-off monster vs monster match with two guys at their prime produced a decent spectacle. A summerslam rematch has NO potential. Taker cant wrestle for shit anymore. Sorry but take away HBK from their two mania matches and there would have been nothing special. Kane has always been a crap wrestler and this has not and will not change especially at the ripe old age of 43. Wait hang on a minute, 43? You mean to tell me the WWE are setting up a summerslam main event between a 45 year old guy on the injury list and a 43 year old guy who cant wrestle? Well dont act surprised this is the WWE we are talking about.


So thanks for reading my unorganised rant of an 'article' riddled with grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes that you smart asses with nothing better to do will I am sure point out to me. I am just waiting for the silly marks who will now flock here to spout garbage like, 'Are you crazy?!?!! TAKER IS AWESOME' or 'You are just a little 12 year old crying for Cena, John Morrison is just an overrated gymnast!!!'

Well when you guys do show up, feel free to bring your irrational insults, I dont believe in censorship and I just LOVE to read what you have to say.