Cardinals Trade Rumors: Could Edgar Renteria Wear the Birds on the Bat Again?

Brock PruntyCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

While looking at the rumor mill this afternoon, I found an article by Ken Rosenthal on wondering if the Cardinals will consider bringing back shortstop Edgar Renteria.

It's not a bad idea, because both Cesar Izturis and Renteria are great defenders at short with the slight advantage going to Izturis, but Renteria is obviously the better hitter.

It would be great to see Renteria playing in St. Louis again but would he really be welcomed back. As all of you should remember, Renteria signed a four-year deal worth $40 million dollars with the Boston Red Sox in 2005, then was traded to the Atlanta Braves at the end of that season, spending two seasons there before being traded to the Detroit Tigers before this year.

The Tigers wouldn't really suffer without Renteria's bat, but getting rid of him would make sense. He is making $10 million this year and will make $11 million next year if the Tigers decide to pick up the option. If he and Detroit part ways, Detroit could move Brandon Inge over to shortstop. Inge has said he wants to be an everyday player and has signs of a big bat.

Renteria is better-suited in the National League and that should be abundantly clear to all parties by now. He has a higher batting average in the National League than he does in the American League, though he has spent most of his career in the National League. The Tigers would save money and not make a big change that would affect them in the long run. But the Cards do have the money to throw at Renteria.

It's highly unlikely that the Cardinals will re-sign Izturis because of his hitting woes, but he could find a job elsewhere like the Giants, for instance, if they want to let go of Omar Vizquel, as his name is mentioned to be the next player that might leave San Francisco.

I am not saying the Giants will get rid of Vizquel and then sign Izturis in the offseason, but maybe he could rejuvenate his bat with the Giants if Vizquel and the Giants decide to part ways. Vizquel is batting .189 and getting payed $5 million this year, so they are basically paying for defense. The Giants could sign Izturis, who is batting .228. The Giants would have a better hitter and a great defensive player, but at a lower cost.

At any rate, the point is Edgar Renteria should come back to St. Louis because it might jolt him to go back to his old form.

I was mad when the defending 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox signed Renteria, but I am sure that everyone in Redbird nation would be glad to see Edgar back and actually see a shortstop keep his job in St. Louis again.