Wrestlers Making It Rain: Money in the Bank 2010 Review

Andrew AbbensettContributor IIJuly 20, 2010

For those who don’t know, making it rain is just throwing money in the air for no reason what so ever. It’s similar to what superstars do nowadays. The person who wins the MitB briefcase just makes it rain and cashes in. the PPV was pretty good and I consider it like Top 3 PPVs of the year (wrestling wise at least). There were great matches and limited black eyes. So let’s make it rain and let me take you through the great event.

First Match: Kane vs. The Big Show vs. Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Kofi Kingston vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match

One word to describe this match: PHENOMENAL!! It was an exceptional start to the entire Pay-Per-View and something I really expected. I was awestruck throughout the whole match.

The match started out like an average Ladder Match nowadays. The eight participants just pummeled at each other until someone got a ladder and started climbing up. There were so many memorable and amusing moments in this match that I can’t even describe the insanity in this match review. But I’ll try as hard as I can.

What was really cool was that Matt Hardy and Christian dominated the beginning and end of the match and set the tone. You then have Big Show and Kane being…big and just everyone getting smashed into a ladder at least once. Beautiful!

One of my favorite moments in the match was Kofi just destroying Drew McIntyre by a Boom-Boom Drop off a ladder into an announce table. It was so awesome to see that. I liked when Big Show got his own ladder out but everyone buried Big Show in ladders and proceeded to try and use it too. Then enter Kane.

Kane then started to wreck stuff up by eliminating the Kofi, and Mr. Ziggles. Cody Rhodes’ face got rearranged by tasting some Armored Truck. Then just about when I thought that Matt Hardy or Christian was gonna win, Kane comes, destroys those two and claims the briefcase. I was amazed and astonished to see that picture.

I came to a revelation that I was on the Hardy Party Bus and in the Peep Show too long to realize that Kane only had a day as World Champion so long ago. He also deserved to win the match. Although I was pissed that Matt or Christian didn’t win, my epiphany made me happy that Kane won.

Regardless, the match was an excellent start to the PPV. My only gripe was that The Chosen One wasn’t very involved with the match. If he was more involved, it would’ve been perfect. But it was an excellent match that entered my top 5 MitB matches.

Match Rating: 9.5/10

Second Match: Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox (c) for the Divas Championship

I actually found this match quite entertaining. It was some good back and forth a little bit and some actually good wrestling (for diva’s standards). Eve did some flying and Alicia did some good anti-air moves to ground Eve. Alicia actually won and made her a credible champion in this surprisingly solid match.

Match Rating: 7.5/10

Note: The Segment with Jack Swagger showed how much of a pansy he really is. ‘Nuff said.

Third Match: The Uso Bros. vs. The Hart Dynasty (c) for the Unified Tag Team Championship

Too freaking short! It was a good match but I wished the Usos did more wrestling than striking and D.H. Smith not be packaged as a pansy. Despite it’s length, it was good and pretty old school too.

Match Rating: 7/10

Fourth Match: Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship

I bet that everyone including me had high expectations for this match. Everyone talks about Jack Swagger being the next Kurt Angle and such that they think this match would steal the show. Well, they were almost right. It was a great match, but it didn’t steal the show.

So Swagger looks and aims for the ankle throughout the beginning and picks apart Rey Rey. But Rey Rey doesn’t go down easy, he unleashes a multitude of seated sentons to ground Swagger Jacker. He does successfully ground him but this was when the match took off.

Jack then grounds Rey Rey with a pretty good belly to back to set him up for an ankle lock. Rey isn’t going down that easy though. He pays homage to everyone’s favorite stoner in TNA by doing a split legged moonsault on Jack. While Rey gets the 619 in, Jack gets the Ankle Lock. Rey sets himself up for another one but then he pays homage to everyone’s favorite liar, cheater, and stealer by unlacing his boots to break free from the ankle lock and then the West Coast Pop FTW!

Great match and the two participants looked very well in the ring. Storyline aspect was also pretty good but Rey paying homage to Eddie G only set WWE up to mention his name yet again. Rey brought his a-game and I gained a lot of respect for Jack Swagger in the excellent match. Anyone who hates should realize a great match when they see one.

Match Rating: 9/10

Fifth Match: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship

Kane cashed in, and won the belt. Happy for him but he really should’ve waited. It was bad enough that Jack cashed in only after 2 days, but Kane in an hour?? Come on WWE!

Match Rating: N/A

Note: Matt Striker, please SHUT UP!

Sixth Match: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla (c) for the Women’s Championship

The Match was a lot faster than the Raw Diva’s match but less quality, all you need to know is that Lay-Cool were up to their antics outside the ring and Kelly Kelly just assaulted Layla. Funny match and decent but lacking a lot of quality.

Match Rating: 6.5/10

Seventh Match: Ted DiBiase vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. The Miz vs. Evan Bourne vs. John Morrison vs. Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match

If the ending never happened, I would’ve given this match the same rating as the Smackdown Money in the Bank. But I’ll tell you why later

So the beginning ensued in chaos when Edge decided to just get a ring side seat and watch chaos ensued. In the beginning of the match, there was so much outside action it was crazy. Bodies getting pummeled and it’s not even inside. The only crazy stuff inside was Mark Henry decimating the Miz with his splash. Then Mark Henry got kicked, broken by the code and speared.

Enter Ted Dibiase. He was somewhat prominent in the match but his gold digging partner stole the show comically when she tried to retrieve the briefcase. I have a theory that she would’ve kept that if she actually got it.

Evan Bourne was just unexplainable. Of course he had to be prominent; he was the only high flyer in the match. His moves really stood out and with the help of the ladder, it only enhanced it very well.

Then you have the veterans: JoMo, Y2J, Edge, and Randy Time. Collectively, they had the most air time but divided, they weren’t as prominent as Evan Bourne but they pulled off some crazy stuff. Randy went on a RKO spree, Chris Jericho was just kicking but, JoMo was almost as airborne as Evan Bourne, but did some kicking and parkour. I was mad at Edge because I didn’t see a spear midair.

The whole match was great until the end. Randy was about to get the briefcase and then THE MIZ TOOK HIM OUT AND IS NOW MR. MONEY IN THE BANK!! That ending just ruined the rest of the night for me. The match lost an entire point because of the ending and I cannot fathom the stupidity of WWE Creative for letting that no talent, all bark, no bite, idiotic, douchebag, pathetic excuse for a professional wrestler to win MitB.

All ranting and personal views aside, it was still a great match.

Match Rating: 8.5/10

Note: For some reason, I feel that the Miz might prove me wrong later on. But for now, THE MIZ SHOULD KNOW HIS ROLE AND SHUT HIS MOUTH!

Eight Match: John Cena vs. Sheamus (c) in a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

Before I start my review, let me say this to all smarks: Sheamus is worse than John Cena wrestling wise and you actually rooted for him? Do you hate Super Cena that much to root for a wrestler that’s worst than the so called “spawn of Satan”? I cannot fathom the logic in smarks at all.

The match was more story-oriented than actual wrestling. While that’s fine and dandy and all, I would’ve enjoyed more wrestling but there was wrestling involved thanks to Sheamus surprisingly. Sheamus had John Cena in a hold for like a minute and I was like “Okay, Sheamus. I see you.”

Sure I think Sheamus is worse than John Cena, but he really wanted to prove himself and he really did. But Cena brought out the old Shoulder block, shoulder block, proto-bomb, five knuckle shuffle combo.

The ending sequence was like a prison break. Nexus tried to interfere and cost Cena. They almost got what they wanted but John Cena proceeded to kick some butt. But unfortunately, Sheamus won. I wasn’t mad Sheamus won, I was mad that he’s still not a credible champion. It’s just sad that he’s being packaged as a pansy.

So let’s recap. The match was good. The story was well executed in the match but the content was lackluster. Not the best finisher to the Pay-Per-View, but aftermath John Cena just went Hulkamania on Nexus. I felt sorry for him.

Match Rating: 8/10

The event was really well executed and phenomenal. Besides some stupid decisions on WWE Creative part, it was great. A lot of memorable moments, some surprises good and bad, and a lot of insanity. You put that together and a great even is the result. What do you guys think though? Rank, Comment, Like and see if your ideas differ from mine or others. But for now, see you guys at Summerslam.

Best Match of the Night: Smackdown Money in the Bank

Worst Match of the Night: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

Overall Rating: 8.5/10 (not average rating)


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