Fantasy Baseball: Need Saves?

Shaun CopseyCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

Looking for the next Mariano Rivera?  Well tough luck, he's nowhere to be found.  I can tell you though as the trade deadline approaches that you won't need to trade away talent just to pick up a closer or two.

In fact, there are save opportunities available in just about every fantasy baseball league out in the universe right this moment. 

One was created when the forgotten Pittsburgh Pirates decided that they weren't a major league contender but more or less a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees.  After Damaso Marte filled in for Matt Capps and showed that he was arguably the best pitcher on the club, he was quickly sent towards the concrete paradise known as New York.

The second was created by the off-and-on struggles of an aging Todd Jones in Detroit.  At age 40, only four people in the AL are older.  Perhaps it's just time for Todd Jones to hang up his cleats and retire as 14th all-time in saves at 319.

So who are these unknown players available currently in nearly 100% of fantasy baseball leagues at the moment?  None other than Fernando Rodney & Tyler Yates.  You're probably wondering where these guys came from, well so am I!

Fernando Rodney is probably the best bet of the two.  He's playing for a team that was actually the favorite to win the AL Central, and has the ability to put up some runs.  Ironically, his first appearance this year came on June 16th in an interleague game against the San Francisco Giants, where he actually was charged with a blown save after three earned runs in just ⅓ of an inning pitched.  Now just over a month later, he's suddenly been named the closer per manager Jim Leyland.

Tyler Yates recorded his first save of the season just minutes ago.  Give the guy credit, he came on in a pressure situation and quickly elimated any butterflies he had in his stomach by striking out Willy Taveras.  11 pitches and two groundouts later, and Yates recorded his first save of the season. He successfully knocked out the top third of the Colorado Rockies order like he's been doing it for years.

Now it's time for you fantasy baseballers out their to act like you've been playing the game for years and to add these two sleepers to your bullpens.


The author of this article manages seven fantasy baseball teams currently with four in 1st, two in 2nd, and one in 4th.