Will There Be Any Team Member Changes In 2009 F1 Season? What's In Store?

Prasenjit DasCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

We have already crossed the midway of 2008 season. Next race will be 11th instalment of the championship. On this juncture, with a clear image of what happened in the last season, and with the WDC closely fought by three to four drivers, one must muse on the fact that what would be the teams' as well drivers' point of view in terms of which line ups they become a part of in 2009. I will try to put myself into the situations and try to have an insight...


The so-called last step of promotion for a F1 driver. I think as for Kimi, either he will retire or stay at Ferrari. He wont come back to McLaren (Am I Dreaming?!) or otherwise just say bye to this form of sport. About Felipe Massa, if he doesn't prove himself to be strong enough to hold on to a Ferrari race seat, then, I would have sacked him (being the proud Italian mentality coming into play), but on the other hand I do not know why I feel that Massa is actually more supported by the team(ought to be!.... He has Schumi behind him!). So for me it looks pretty dim chance for Alonso to enter Ferrari in 2009 if Kimi remains to do justice to his contract.


If Ron is there Lewis would be there, and I am NOT complaining on that IF he continues to perform like what he has done lately. If Ron goes, then also, in my opinion Macca will not let go of Hamilton so easy. The question comes as who would  be the No. 2 Driver? As per my opinion to keep McLaren-Hamilton chariot going you cannot have somebody in 2nd spot who would snatch limelight from Lewis! (like Fernando). Hence having a nice qualifying driver and who is also a bit yielding in his manners (er....umm...sorry "sporty", not yielding) is great for the team. See, every team is different and thus ways of approach are also separated, hence let the show run as it runs best. But what about talks of Nico Rosberg entering the scene? Old GP2 days re-vitalized? I leave it to you for comments.


Seriously if I was Dr. Mario Theissen, I would not worry about changing drivers at all. Robert has given the team a shot of adrenalin in the arm, but then again , Nick Heidfield has got excellent average performance. If , as I heard long back, that McLaren is searching a German driver, is true, then, I am not sure what Nick would do if given a out-and-out offer, what do you say?


What a swap between Renault and McLaren this year!. Alonso in exchange of Kovaleinen. I bet Flavio and Paul thought that their hero has arrived again, but , the hero himself is disgruntled with the car and the team. Alonso played a gamble (he did not have much options as I feel) and it misfired!, but still as I read somewhere that though Piquet Jr. was seemingly on the way out the "lucky" P2, might save the day for him....especially if Fernando is on a plan to run away.

Red Bull:

Nothing much to say. Webber and Vettel are already fixed to get the race seats, you people have anything to add?

Torro Rosso:

Sebastian Vettel is set to leave. So who can be fitting to join? I speculate on GP2 chaps  in the form of Bruno Senna or Patano. Karun Chandhok might also get a chance, with Romain Grosjean already booked into Renault.

About Honda and Toyota I have no insight other than that Toyota might retain their set of drivers for good. If Barichello leaves who can come in? Whats your prediction?

Williams should be happy with Rosberg and Nakajima. Though many predicted that Nakajima could be blown away by  Nico, but we have seen other wise. So until Nico gets sterling offer and Mr. Williams lets him go! (which I feel is more crucial), they can stick to the lineup till they up their technological game.

Force India are the Newest Kids on The Block and for them at least I will wait and watch.