Summerslam Preview: Four Matches Announced So Far...

Jeremy TurnerSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2008

Currently there are four matches announced for Summerslam 2008 as of Juy 29, 2008. More matches may be announced for ECW, Smackdown, and RAW as the PPV draws near. I would like to share my thoughts on each match and tell which outcomes would benefit their specific brand.

First Match: Edge vs. Undertaker (Hell in a Cell)

This match has been something that all wrestling fans have been asking for since the Undertaker's career was ended by Edge. Undertaker was always a thorn in the side of Edge and Vicky. Now that edge has crossed the wrath of Vicky, she actually did something people were happy about...bring back the Undertaker.

I think that having Undertaker win would bring back a big crowd to Smackdown. Triple H was brought over to boost ratings, but as mentioned on Bleacher Report, Triple H is portrayed more as an "unstoppable being" than a wrestler. Having a crowd pleaser like the Undertaker, who can be a face wrestler but still so very creepy, would help give Smackdown the boost it needs over a confusing RAW and ECW. Seeing Edge get dismantled in the HiaC match would bring a smile to many, many fans of Smackdown.

Second Match: Triple H vs. The Great Khali (WWE Championship)

As stated by Fred Richani in his article "Triple H vs. The Great Khali—Don't Sleep on This Match Just Yet", this match may not be what people want to see, but it can help Smackdown as well, if the right person wins. And who might that be? As Fred says, and I agree, The Great Khali.

Fred goes into greater detail in his article, but I wish to state some of his points. Triple H is seen right now as almost this greater force in the WWE. He only faces heels and dismantles them. Someone needs to be brought in that can give Triple H a challenge, and knock him down a notch without losing too much rep. Allowing Khali to win would help to do this, and it would also help to bring in other stars for a show at the title. Allowing Triple H to win basically starts the story all over again, and it would be nothing more than a repeat of the story with Edge.

Third Match: Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy (ECW Championship)

Hopefully, anyone who has been watching ECW wonders why Mark Henry is the champ. He may be strong, tough, and powerful...but the man has no real persona of a champion. He has no real wrestling style, no in-ring presence (other than his large figure), and he has a very goofy grin. Having Tommy Dreamer challenge Mark for the title was a good move, but I think premature. It seems ECW wants to make Mark Henry into this unstoppable champion, and bringing in Tony Atlas was a move to make that idea more...believeable.

Allowing Mark Henry to win would give ECW a more consistent champion, but Mark Henry doesn't have the ability to carry the ECW into new realms. Right now, Theodore Long is on a good move by having the "Superstar Initiative"...bringing in new talent to establish them on ECW. Matt Hardy would be the kind of champion that these new guys would feel they could compete against...but if Mark Henry is kept as champion, what other "strong, powerful" wrestler is there that can bring Mark Henry down?

Fourth Match: Batista vs. John Cena

This was the first official match for RAW by new GM Mike Adamle. Was this expected? It was after Cena and Batista had their encounter on last week's RAW. Is it a good move? Maybe...since the whole Bradshaw/Cena bit was getting old. Which wrestler would be the better win? I don't know. Batista did have two title shots and lost both, even though it was due to interference. However, the current title race in RAW comes down to four men excluding CM Punk: Cena, Bradshaw, Kane, and Batista. It is good that they are mixing up the confrontations...but it is getting old.

The best choice for a winner in my neither. Let this match end with someone interfering with the match. Who should interfere? Maybe someone new that thinks they deserve a shot at the title.

I will admit I am not a big fan of PPVs...mainly because I don't have time to watch them. But I do hope the WWE uses these matches to take the brand into a better fall lineup.

I now wish to state some potential matches I see developing between now and Summerslam. I won't explain why just yet...but I wonder which may come true:

Chris Jericho vs.CM Punk (World Heavyweight Championship)
- I know...this one sounds odd...but Jericho did 'dismantle' Shawn Michaels and has said he wants to grow up. Maybe giving him a title shot is the best way to see how much he wants to grow? It will also throw in a new wild card into the title mix.

Team Priceless vs. Cryme Tyme (World Tag Team Championship)
These two teams are the best tag teams on RAW..maybe even the WWE. What better way to start a rivalry than to have Cryme Tyme win the titles?

Katie Lea vs. Mickie James (WWE Women's Championship)
Beth hates that she lost the title to Mickie, and allowing Katie Lea to win would give Beth someone else to hate and want to destory.

Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill (WWE Intercontinental Championship)
If Paul and Katie Lea won, this would set up a brother/sister champion combination.

I know there will be more and as more matches are announced, I'll offer my insight.