WWE Money In The Bank Results: What Will WWE Do With Kane and The Miz?

Thomas FranzCorrespondent IJuly 19, 2010

Kane became the new World Heavyweight Champion last night by defeating Rey Mysterio after he won Smackdown's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Mysterio defeated Jack Swagger in a hard fought match to retain his championship.  Shortly after the end of that match, Kane took advantage of a weakened Mysterio and finished him with a tombstone pile-driver. 

On the Raw side, The Miz took home the briefcase in their Money in the Bank match.  In a field that included Randy Orton, Edge, and Chris Jericho, The Miz's victory could definitely be considered an upset.

Sheamus retained his title over John Cena in the WWE Championship match, although Nexus did manage to impact the match.

There are many questions to be answered following this PPV, and none of them seem to have easy answers.

Kane has always been popular amongst WWE fans, and his title opportunity is well-deserved after being a mid-card wrestler for the most part of this past decade. 

Kane's championship victory will almost certainly have something to do with the Undertaker being in a vegetative state and the build up to Summerslam. 

It's nearly impossible to predict how this will all happen, but some kind of feud between Kane, Jack Swagger, and the Undertaker appears to be in the making.

As for The Miz and his title opportunity, there is also great uncertainty with how WWE will plan this out.

The Miz is best known for his entertainment qualities, and a feud with current champion Sheamus would not be in the best interest of promoting either wrestler. 

The Miz has a well-known distaste for John Cena, and he once claimed to have a very impressive undefeated streak over Cena.  However, it looks like John Cena is being pushed to a role that mostly involves him with Nexus, and that could hurt his title chances in the near future.

It doesn't look like there is a good short term solution to push The Miz towards becoming the WWE Champion.  He still holds the U.S. title, and it's doubtful that WWE would have him hold both titles at the same time.

It will be interesting to see how both of these situations play out as both wrestlers were considered heavy underdogs to win their respective ladder matches Sunday night.

Kane continued the streak of MITB winners going on to win a championship, but is the WWE universe ready to see The Miz as a world champion?