Kwonae McGeeCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

What is this guy's problem? It seems to me he's not up to the task of running a NBA team. It's late in the off-season and the Bulls haven't accomplished much of anything. We still haven't signed Loul Deng or Ben Gordon. While I don't agree with the concept of trading Ben, if that's what's coming then get on with it. The fans need to know that the front office is alive or something.

Okay, you got Derek Rose. Is that it? Do you feel like that's the only moves nessasary to win a championship? I surely Hope not. Although it seems like that's what Paxson thinks. By the time the Bulls get around to free agency everybody worth anything will have already signed with other teams.

Let's face it, Loul Deng is the most attractive trade attraction we have and we don't really want to let him go. So why is our lame GM sitting on his hands and letting so much time pass. We already have a first time head coach, we're going to need all the weapons we can get. Time is of the essence. The Chicago fans are tired of the Bulls' front office playing these sort of games being cheap! so many players have left or refused to play because Reinsdorf doesn't want to pay. I'll bet if it were the White Sox this wouldn't be an issue. The Bulls owe it to the fans to do something to get us back into contention. They shafted us with Mike and Scottie, so they owe us.

John Paxson needs to get up off his rump and do something to give the fans something to look forward to. No disrespect to the present roster, but real talk, changes need to be made. Not just firing and hiring new coach after coach either. That hurts the team too.

For example; how does Marcus Camby get traded for absolutely nothing. You mean to tell me Pax and crew knew nothing or is like I said, they're sitting on their hands praying for a miracle. Richard Jefferson moved, Elton Brand, and Jermaine O'neal. Now maybe we don't need any of those guys per say, but the point is we need to improve and those teams were looking to make deals. How many did Reinsdorf and Pax take advantage of? None!