Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Was Never Seriously Negotiated

CJ JamesContributor IJuly 19, 2010

If you're a regular reader of my column, you'll know full well that I'm not a fan of Michael Marley. I think that he purposefully writes hate filled, speculative, rubbish, to drive up reads on his own sites.

However, I do respect his past, and his connections. The man was at the pinaccle of boxing promotion, in the 1980s, where he served as Don King's fight lawyer, and also as a legal advisor to Bob Arum.

There are probably few writers today, operating on forums, blogs and fan sites with the experience, and contacts of Mr. Marley.

With the Pacquiao/Mayweather "negotiations" being conducted under a "gagging order" (a court injunction banning people involved from speaking to the media), his thoughts and opinions have been compelling.

That's right Marley, I admit it, your articles have been great this week.

Some of his words really are startling. I'm sure your'e thinking that he's gone into some "Mayweather I hate you" vitriol, but it goes way deeper than that.

In short, we've all been conned. Neither fighter, or promoter, for their own reasons, had any real intention of making the fight for November, and this has just been an excercise in keeping fans happy.

Not my words. Marleys.

According to Marley, there has been no words from Golden Boy or Mayweather, as there's basically nothing to discuss. The negotiations have been next to none-existant.

Arum, within weeks, had broken the media injuction, and was briefing the press, claiming that a deal had been agreed, and it was just for Mayweather to sign it.

Not only was this 100% false, but in claiming it in the press, Arum all but closed all of his communication opportunities with Golden Boy. They ended it then and there.

According to Marley, negotiations never progressed from the very early stages, and little had been agreed, by the time Arum blew his load to the media, and the groups stopped talking to eachother.

Or, according to Marley:

"Fact is, from all the evidence I have seen and heard, from speaking to people in both camps, the huge effort to get an agreement from the Arum side was little more than sending a few demands, which were delivered to middeman and HBO boxing bossman Ross Greenburg for his relay to Mayweather shotcaller Al Haymon".

Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions didn't meet, or speak, once. Pacquiao and Mayweather's teams didn't meet or speak once.

The entire "agreement" appears to be Arum sending his demands to Ross Greenburg. Greenburg passing them on to Golden Boy Promotions. Golden Boy Promotions not responding.

That's basically it. Marley claims that nobody from either party, even spoke on the phone to eachother. Bob Arum refused to even meet Al Haymon in person, when Al suggested he fly to LA to try and develop talks.

Nobody from Golden Boy has said anything, as there's nothing to discuss it seems. The entire "negotiations" were little more than Bob Arum trying to spin the media into believing that he had managed to make some sort of deal, and they were waiting on Golden Boy.

Predictabely, this has already started to become unspun in the media. Arum today admits, that he's not really sure what had been agreed on drug testing. And that he's not as of yet, even spoken to Al Haymon or GBP personally. Seemingly backing up Marley's claims.

The sad truth is, neither promoter wanted the bout in 2010, and they couldn't bring themselves to tell you.

Mayweather only fights once per year, because of his injuries. Plus the fact that his uncle's court case starts in October, meaning that he could have potentially had his trainer in prison by the day of the fight.

According to Marley, "Arum was more happy to milk his somewhat depleted stable of Pacman foes, chiefly now the disgraced Antonio Margarito and the already thrashed by Megamanny Miguel Cotto, than seriously consider a Mayweather 2010 bout".

So why did Arum simply exaggerate a lot of this?

Well, I have to take credit where credits due, I suspected a lot of this myself, last week. Alarm bells went off in my head, when I heard Arum making phony "deadlines" with no reply whatsoever from GBP.

I was thinking, if any of this is actually real, both sides would be talking about it in the media. Marley was thinking the same thing (I beat him by 2 days for the record).

"I've been scratching and clawing trying to think of a legitimate reason for Mayweather and his minions to just let the Pacman promoter's "drop dead time" pass without even a comment.

It's all the gas Arum has been passing, despite the so-called agreed to media silence between the parties."

Marley basically states that Arum knew full well that the fight would never happen, as neither team wanted it, so went on a month long PR campaign, to put his group the higher ground.

He broke the media injunction, and then spent the next few months, blowing smoke. Trying to make out that the "great Bob Arum" had managed to make a deal, and it was up to the other lot to agree to it.

As above, that "deal" was seemingly little more than Arum sending a list of demands, by e-mail to a middle man, and them not being agreed to.

Why? Over to you Marley

"So Mayweather, willl be perceived as Fraud Duckweather by his guys fans for a few days, before the media exposes the deal for what it is. An e-mail".

"For Arum, he can then milk Manny for the November bout he has been secretly planning for 3 months, against either Miguel Cotto or Antonio Margarito and know that the fight his actually guy wants, Floyd-Manny can be reassembled for 2011".

According to Marley, Arum had been hawking Pacquiao/Cotto/Margarito, to people in Dubai for months. His only problem was that the fans wanted Mayweather, so he had to be seen to be making a big effort for it.

Mayweather in turn, had no intention whatsoever of fighting again in 2010, for the reasons detailed above, and wanted the fight in 2011 anyway. As did his employers.

Arum, unable to have any of his fans thinking he was not pursuing the fight they wanted, then broke the injunction, and briefed the media with a lot of totally exaggerated claims.

He then came up with a deadline to get himself out of the fake "negociations" so he could make another fight instead.

Mayweather goes on holiday. Pacquiao gets Cotto in Dubai. Everyone's happy.

I will leave it with you, Mike:

"Negotiations, offers, counteroffers, adjustments, these normal stages of making a contract did not get very far in the second bungled attempt to get Floyd and Manny into the ring. They didn't get off the ground even."

This one was merely another lapdance (a tease without going anywhere). Maybe it wasn't even that. They tell me a good lapdance usually involves some real contact".

So there we have it.

No representatives from either promomter even spoke to eachother on the phone, let alone meet in persion.

Arum has not spoken to anyone in regards to the fight, let alone come to an agreement.

The only actual negociation was Arum sending his list of demands to a middle man. Which were seemingly not accepted.

The fight was never even negociated. Let alone both fighters coming to an agreement.

Shame on boxing. Really.

I usually accept that "theatre" is part of the sport, but this is plain deceipt.

They'll come back to this in 2011 (when they both want the fight), and I assume, actually meet eachother this time, and try and make a deal.

You know, these are powerful words, bearing in mind how close to Arum, Pacquiao and Roach, Marley actually is.

He must have seen something seriously wrong, to expose Arum, and the entire deal in this way.

Not that I'm saying it's 100% Arum, but he is the promoter who's been in the media for the last month, breifing them with completely false claims, about how far the deal had gone















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