WWE Money in the Bank Results: The Miz Is Now Mr. Money In The Bank

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 19, 2010

The Miz won the Raw Money in the Bank! Now when the Miz says "I am the Miz and I am AWESOME!" it will be true in the eyes of many!

We all remember the first days of his WWE career as being the host to the WWE. At first glance everyone thought he would be future endeavored as he seemed to lack charisma and was an awful host to the Diva contest.

His wrestling was not up to the level of what fans would expect of a WWE Superstar.

The Miz stuck it out for the last four to five years!

Over that time span, amazing and awesome things happened in the Miz's short wrestling career.

He was undefeated on Smackdown in the beginning of his career till he was defeated by The Boogyman. His tenure on Smackdown ended when he was drafted to ECW and during his time he met the Extreme Expose who greatly admired him.

During The Miz's time in ECW he became WWE Tag team champions twice with John Morrison. The Miz and John Morrison were a great tag team and also a great hosts as they had a streaming segment called The Dirt Sheet on WWE.com.

The Miz and John Morrison broke up as a tag team as The Miz was drafted to Raw.

The Miz started a feud with John Cena where he won and unofficial win against the man. The Miz may have lost to John Cena at The Bash but his feud with Cena elevated him to new heights!

Weeks after his Match with Cena at The Bash he debuted a new ring attire that showed he was taking wrestling seriously and announced his intentions to challenge for the United States championship.

The Miz was Unsuccessful for three PPV events but won the belt on the October 5th Raw!

At Bragging Rights The Miz Pinned the intercontinental champion John Morrison and was the only Raw wrestler to win at that PPV. The Miz winning that PPV to me was an early indication that The Miz was getting push.

The Miz formed a new tag team with the Big Show and Captured the unified WWE tag team championship by beating Degeneration X and The Straight Edge Society.

The Miz eventually lost the Tag belts to the Hart Dynasty and lost the United states championship to Bret Hart. Luckily The Miz regained his belt back in a fatal four way.

The Miz also mentored Daniel Bryan and is currently mentoring Alex Riley.

Now we come to the point of the Miz winning the Money in the Bank match!

I feel that the Miz is ready for a WWE Title shot and he has what it takes. The Miz worked for the WWE for 4-5 years and proved he deserved to be WWE championship.

The Miz is awesome on the mic. The Miz in ring skills are improving every single day and he will one day be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The Miz worked hard and deserves this push for the WWE title!

The Miz is Mr. Money in the Bank and he is AWESOME!