Ranking The Season 2 NXT Rookies

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IJuly 18, 2010

Hello B/R Universe! With the 6th week of NXT passing we can surely say we have saw the potential of each rookie. 

So today I am ranking the season 2 NXT rookies according to their ring skills, mic skills/charisma, star power and their potential. Ready? Set? GO!

Number 8: Eli Cotonwood (record 2-1)

I will be honest, I can't understand why this guy is on TV. Even though his ring skills aren't bad (he is more Big Show than Khali) the only way he makes himself look credible is by beeing aggresive.

He lacks starpower for a guy of his size and his mic skills remind me of frankestein. I don't think he has any potentional because the big-guy dominates thing is overused.

Overall score: 4.5/10

Number 7: Lucky Canoon (record 2-3)

His gimmick is what? Somebody hit him with a steel pipe and put him in a coma and he survived? Are you serious? How can people believe this makes him credible when Sheamus at extreme rules hit Triple H with a steel pipe and after 20 minutes he was wrestling a 15 minutes competitive match?

He has a stupid look if his face as Cody Rhodes said and his wrestling skills aren't something earth-shattering.

Overall score: 5/10

Number 6: Percy Watson (record 1-2)

Percy has showed some great mic skills and some good potentional, like David Otunga his wrestling skills are limited. His disadvantage is that unlike Dave Otunga he is a small guy and he doesn't seem credible when he wrestles.

His float-over DDT is an OK finishing move, but at the end its nothing but DDT.

Overall score: 6/10


Number 5: Titus O'Neil (record 0-3)

I still can't understand why Titus got eliminated in the first poll of NXT. His football player gimmick could have worked out really well. He could have shoulderblocked people backstage and use the spear as a finisher.

Titus had real starpower and he had great potentional, its a pitty that he is gone.

Overall score: 6.5/10


Number 4: Michael McGillicuty (record 4-0)

I will admit that I can't help but be a bit biased on Mike. When you are the son of Mr.Perfect an all-time great people expect great things from you.

Don't get me wrong, Mike has failed to impress. Not that his wrestling skills are bad, not that he is bad on the mic, and he has starpower. But simply he hasn't done anything earth-shattering since arriving on NXT.

Overall score: 7/10


Number 3: Alex Riley (record 1-2)

I just love everything on Alex Riley, his mic skills, his arrogant presonality and his wresting skills are all great.Plus his pairing with the Miz was brilliant.

He is like a younger Miz. 

Overall score: 8/10


Number 2: Huksy Harris (record 1-2)

Husky has been impressive since his debut, he has showed personality very good mic skills and real starpower. The army tank with a ferarri engine gimmick describes him perfectly because he is huge and fast, like Mike Knox, only way better.

I have yet to see his finihser but I have high expectations for it.

Overall score 9/10


Number 1: Kaval (record 1-3)

WHAT A SUPRISE! How can you not be ranked number 1 when you are the elite of technical wrestling?

Kaval is a guaranteed winner of NXT.

Overall score 10/10