Tennessee Football: Rocky Top Round Up Message Board, July 29

Michael ShibleySenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2008

First NCAA 09 comes out, then College Football Live returns, and now the end of SEC Media days.  College football is now less than a month away!

The big news on Rocky Top this week was of course about Head Coach Phillip Fulmer receiving a subpoena at the SEC Media Days.  Then on Monday, Fulmer spent the day at ESPN going through their "car wash" appearing on many ESPN shows including Mike & Mike and College Football Live.

While Fulmer was excited to talk about everything from the upcoming season, to the passion of the SEC fans, there were also questions about the subpoena.

On ESPN2's First Take, host Sage Steele asked him about the drama in Birmingham.  Fulmer handled it all in stride, but was still a little peeved bout it all.

“It was in very poor taste; That is not the place for anything like that to happen,’’ Fulmer said. “I think everyone around it, except the lawyers who did it, thought it was in very, very poor taste. I think 99 percent are ready for all that to be behind everyone.

“There were some significant violations done a number of years ago,’’ he said. “That was investigated, the parties that be were disassociated from the University of Alabama, the penalties were paid.’’

So the question I have for this week's message board is: Will the controversy over the subpoena have an effect on the football team?

I personally do not think so.  To me it looks like Fulmer's lawyers will take care of everything and Fulmer will not have to appear in court anytime during the season.

What do all of you think?  Feel free to leave a comment or write your own article.

I will be on vacation for two weeks so look for the next message board on August 12.

Until then take care.