Barry Bonds: Without Steroids, Where Would He Be?

Jordan VandiverCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

I know what you're thinking. Why use Barry Bonds as my picture? I'll rephrase the question so maybe you'll understand. Why wouldn't I use Mr. Asterisk, the poster boy for steroid use in baseball, as the picture for this article?

For those of you who don't know, steroids are a performance enhancer used to rapidly build strength. In the case of a baseball player, it's perfect for those hitters who want more power but don't really want to work that hard to get it.

In Barry Bonds' case, it's been documented that Bonds "unknowingly" used steroids. But who can believe that? It's like saying, "Do you believe that we actually landed on the moon?" Who really knows? But let me lay it on you as cold hard fact. Bonds knowingly took steroids. How else do you think he could have hit 73 home runs in a season?

Mark McGwire hit 70...with steroids. Bonds therefore couldn't have hit 73 homers in any other way except using steroids to boost his power.

Consider these statistics. From 1986-2000, Bonds hit 494 HR. In a span of 14 years, 494 HR. But from 2001-2007, he hit 268 HR. In a span of six years, 268 HR. From '86-'00, he averaged about 35 HR per season. But from '01-'07, he averaged 44 HR. That's a difference of nine homers per year!

If you're having trouble following, I'll put it this way. Hank Aaron, who in my book is the Home Run King, hit 755 HR in his career and averaged about 34 HR a year for his entire career. If Bonds had stayed at his 35 homer-a-year average, which would have already been impressive.

But anyone who doesn't think that jumping from 35 HR a year to 44 HR a year has to involve some kind of performance-enhancing drug, they're just plain crazy. In short, anyone that thinks Bonds knowingly took steroids knows their stuff. Anyone who doesn't, you're crazy, a Bond's fans, or just plain stupid.