WWE Smackdown Review: Show Me The Money

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

Kofi Kingston (IC champ) vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes Match:

Cody Rhodes’ new entrance and music is genius. The digital mirror and reverse video is definitely unique.

His entrance could rival John Morrison and Drew McIntyre’s entrances. I am glad he isn’t sporting a Rick Rude robe, but he may eventually go that route.

The early half of the match was dominated by Rhodes, who is showing a more vicious in-ring style since leaving Legacy.

Kofi didn’t really have much offense in this match. Kofi landed a flying bodypress on Rhodes, which was followed by an interruption by Kane. Kane laid out both Kofi and Rhodes with chokeslams.

Kane told the WWE Universe that he was going to “pronounce judgment on the condemned.”

Match Rating: 5/10

Post-Match Promo: 5/10


Rey Mysterio backstage segment:

Recap of Swagger tearing up Mysterio’s ankle is shown.

Mysterio was interviewed by Josh Matthews about the condition of his ankle. When asked how he could “possibly defend his World title.”

Mysterio told him that he was going to forfeit the World title. Matthews asked if he was serious. Mysterio said that he wasn’t going to give it up and that he would do anything to keep the title.

I couldn’t help but groan when Mysterio faked the fact that he was going to vacate the championship and then said that he would do anything to keep it.

His childish promos are really getting annoying. It’s like he read “The Idiot’s Guide to get a Pop” book.

Segment Rating: 4/10


Drew McIntyre vs. Christian Match:

McIntyre is straight up nasty. McIntyre controlled most of the match with wear down holds and strikes.

My jaw dropped when McIntyre simply just shoved Christian off the top rope to the outside when Christian was attempting a tornado DDT.

Christian reversed McIntyre’s Future Shock DDT and attempted the Kill Switch without success. McIntyre poked Christian in the eye which gave him the opening to execute his finisher for the victory.

McIntyre is my favorite to win the Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match.

Kofi Kingston is the only other guy I can see taking the briefcase this Sunday.

Match Rating: 7/10


Straight-Edge Society/Big Show In-Ring Segment:

I was surprised to see a highlight of CM Punk cashing in his MITB briefcase on Jeff Hardy. It is unusual for the WWE acknowledge the fact that a superstar who is currently with TNA was their World champion.

Big Show interrupted CM Punk and made his way to the ring. Big Show accused SES of being boring.

CM Punk was hilarious when he said “I want to see you climb up that ladder and do a 450 off of it. I mean your clumsy 450 pounds burbling all the way down that ladder through the ring to the center of the earth.”

Big Show brought out his custom ladder that he intends on using at Money in the Bank ladder match. He was then jumped by SES where CM Punk climbed his ladder. Big Show recovered and dismantled the SES.

Big Show climbed the ladder and captured CM Punk. Big Show unmasked CM Punk, revealing his bald look.

The unmasking of CM Punk was the cherry on top of an excellent segment. SES gives the best promos today.

Shouldn’t some of Punk’s hair grown back since last month? Punk did look like a mini big show with his fat goatee and bald head.

It looks like they are setting up a program between Big Show and SES, which means that Big Show will not being winning MITB.

Segment Rating: 10/10


Kelly Kelly & Chris Masters vs. Layla & Trent Beretta Match:

I loved Layla’s double boot on Kelly’s back when she attempted a springboard splash on her.

Rosa Mendes distracted Layla with her jump roping on the outside which gave Kelly the opportunity to take advantage. Kelly Kelly gets the quick victory with a Rocker Dropper on Layla.

I can’t believe it, Chris Masters on Smackdown! What will WGN Superstars do without him?

The Dude Busters are being terribly misused lately. It may be due to there not being enough full-time tag teams to feud with.

Match Rating: 3/10


Alberto Del Rio Video Promo:

I thought I should go ahead and give my thumbs up to these segments that have been running regularly throughout the last weeks' episodes of Smackdown.

I wasn’t sure how he was going to get over without carrying his family name (Dos Caras Jr.) and mask. But it looks like Alberto Del Rio will be a bigger hit without it.

Promo Rating: 7/10


Dolph Ziggler vs. Matt Hardy Match:

Before the match started, Matt Hardy guaranteed that he would win the MITB and cash it in at the pay-per-view.

This statement in itself rules out Matt Hardy winning the MITB match.

Ziggler gets the victory with the Zig Zag after Hardy escaped his Rear Naked Choke attempt.

Ziggler should have been the Intercontinental champion already. But with Cody Rhodes making a good showing against Kingston, it looks like that ship may have sailed for the time being.

Hardy really needs to start running; he is starting to look like Tommy Dreamer. He basically needs a complete make-over. His hair cut is horrific. He should take a tip from his brother and go with a more modern look.

Sorry Matt, heavy metal hasn’t been cool…well…ever.

Match Rating: 7/10


Jack Swagger/Kane In-ring Segment:

The photos Swagger had of his father and him participating in Memorial Day festivities were terrifically funny.

Kane interrupted and confronted Swagger. Swagger put Kane in his ankle lock until Mysterio hit the 619 on him. Kane grabbed hold of both Jack Swagger and his dad.

Swagger was able to escape but left his father. Kane delivered a chokeslam to Swagger’s father and later executed him with a tombstone piledriver.

Jack Swagger’s father sold the chokeslam and tombstone piledriver very well.

So if Swagger is able to win the championship at MITB, then Kane would have to win the briefcase to further their feud.

I don’t see Swagger winning the title from Mysterio, even if he should. Mysterio hasn’t been in action since winning the title.

McIntyre will likely win the MITB and later cash it in on Mysterio to win the championship.

Segment Rating: 7/10


Final Thoughts:

The likelihood of winning Smackdown MITB:

1. Drew McIntyre

2. Kofi Kingston

3. Kane

4. Christian

5. Big Show

6. Cody Rhodes

7. Dolph Ziggler

8. Matt Hardy


This episode was a lot better than last week's. I love the layered storylines that Smackdown is doing right now. When you have Swagger feuding with Kane, Big Show and Mysterio it makes the outcome less predictable.

To make it even more interesting Big Show is not only feuding with Swagger but he is now at odds with SES. I love it.

Overall Rating: 7/10