British Open 2010 Live Blog: Day 3 Leaderboard and Scores at St. Andrews

Garrett TuckerCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

Hello golf fans, this is Garrett Tucker and I will be live blogging the third round of the British Open at the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Day One brought us an imposter of St. Andrews, as we had record-low scores, but Day Two brought out the best in St. Andrews and showed us the course she really is.

Here are three questions for you to think about as this round progresses and develops:

1.) How will the wind/weather effect the field today?

2.) Is it time for Tiger's charge?

3.) How will Phil rebound today?

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Well, this was a great day for golf and it didn't disappoint. This will conclude my live blog for today, and I want to thank everyone that tuned in with me. Feel free to scroll back through and see what happened throughout the day at St. Andrews.

Be ready for a great battle tomorrow as Louis Oosthiuzen will have the lead, but Paul Casey had a great charge today and gained some momentum. These two will start out on top and give us a great show.

Lee Westwood, Henrik Stenson, Retief Goosen, Ricky Barnes, Martin Kaymer, and even tiger Woods will be chasing after the two.

I look forward to a very thrilling Sunday afternoon.

Take a look at the leaderboard of the 139th British Open:


Anyone want to voice their favorites right now? I know we have tomorrow, but I'm really liking Henrik Stenson and Paul Casey, especially if Casey can keep up his good start.

No love for Paul Casey in the poll?

4:07 EST: Louis Oosthiuzen will finish up with a birdie and shoot a 69 and -15 for the tournament. He will have a four stroke lead going into Sunday.

4:01 EST: Paul Casey finishes 18 and as of right now, he will be three strokes off the lead going into Sunday.

Oosthiuzen has a great shot on 18 and he has a golden chance to improve on his lead. This could be pivotal for tomorrow's actions.

3:59 EST: Great birdie attempt from Westwood on 18, but he finishes with a birdie and a 71 and seven-under for the championship.

3:57 EST: Oosthiuzen converts the par on 17 and he is now -14.

3:51 EST: Oosthiuzen sends that shot a little too far on 17, but he still is in good shape.

3:49 EST: Paul Casey pars on 17 to finish and is at 11-under for the tournament.

3:42 EST: Paul Casey with a very nice approach on 18. He looks to be in good shape, possibly being able to gain a stroke on Oosthiuzen.

3:38 EST: Ricky Barnes birdies on 18 to go even par for the day and five-under for the championship.

3:35 EST: Tough shot for Jeong in the bunker on 17, but he comes out with a nice shot. Very well played by the amateur.

Amazing birdie on 16 by Oosthiuzen. That's his eighth birdie of the day and he now is three strokes ahead of Paul Casey.

3:32 EST: Louis Oosthiuzen comes up holding his back after that tee shot on 16. Hopefully it's nothing, because he is really pushing for the Open win here.

3:27 EST: Oosthiuzen goes into 16 retaining his two stroke lead.

Miguel Angel Jimenez finishes with a 74 for the round.

3:23 EST: Canizares is looking to finish strong now at 17. He is two-under for the day and eight-under for the championship. He looks to be in it Sunday.

Oosthiuzen sinks a huge putt on 15 to stay up two strokes.

3:17 EST: Retief Goosen finishes shooting a 72 and Graeme McDowell with a 76.

3:14 EST: Did Jimenez really just do that? He hit it off the grandstand wall on 17, back towards the hole; now, he just has to hit the putt. Very crafty right there.

3:09 EST: Graeme McDowell, the reigning U.S. Open Champion, isn't having good luck today. Five-over and an ever par for the tournament.

Oosthiuzen just missing a birdie putt on 14, he'll have to settle for par.

3:04 EST: Something tells me that the Hell Bunker could really determine the finish tomorrow. Just got a feeling.

2:59 EST: Canizares and Casey with good approaches on their respective holes to possibly convert on birdies.

Westwood gets a very nice birdie on 14. He continues to stay right there at the top of the leaderboard, tied for fourth at seven-under.

2:53 EST: As most off you have probably heard, there is no American in the Top 5 going into Sunday since 1969. Very interesting stat in my opinion. However, 29 year-old Ricky Barnes is looming, tied for sixth.

2:49 EST: Everyone is now on the back nine. Let's see who can help themselves and who will slip as Day 3 comes to an end.

2:42 EST: Well said, Ricky Barnes is just hanging around at this point, waiting for someone to mess up. Many that are in the hunt are the same way at this point. You don't need to hurt yourself being too aggressive. No need for that right now.

2:40 EST: Oosthiuzen still looking good through 13 holes.

2:37 EST: Martin Kaymer is at 18 and looking to finish strong. He is going to have a great shot to two-putt for birdie.

2:33 EST: Goosen just misses his putt on 15 for par; he'll tap in for bogey and go back to six-under, but he's right there for a strike on Sunday.

2:28 EST: Oosthiuzen pars on 12 to keep his two stroke lead. It looks like we may be seeing a young guy coming into his own this week at St. Andrews.

2:25 EST: Very nice approach for Kaymer on 17. He's in good shape.

Tiger misses yet another putt for birdie. Average day for Tiger and he sits at three-under for the tournament.

2:19 EST: Tiger hits a very nice tee shot on 18, in hopes of making up for his bogey on 17 with a birdie here.

2:17 EST: Great shot by Retief Goosen on 13 with the putter. He's in good shape for a birdie here.

2:12 EST: Ricky Barnes has a nice approach on 13. He is someone who is quitely putting up a good line and he could be a difference maker Sunday.

2:09 EST: Very nice tee shots for Westwood and Casey there. 

2:06 EST: Martin Kaymer is staying close in the field at seven-under. He's a guy no one is talking about, but he has the ability to make a surge tomorrow.

2:02 EST: Great tee shot by Westwood on 11. Looks like he'll have a birdie if he can make this putt.

Ugly shot y Tiger as it flies into the rough.

Looks like Paul Casey learned a bit from Westwood there, as he used the five-iron. He isn't as close as Westwood, but it will do at this point for him.

1:58 EST: Westwood gets some luck with that birdie.

1:54 EST: Everyone, don't question Paul Casey's decisions at this point. He knows what he's doing.

Tiger with a nice approach to 16. Hopefully he can hit a putt now.

Oosthiuzen takes a two stroke lead again over Casey.

1:50 EST: Tiger trying to finish up strong as his round is coming to an end. He's going to need as much help and/or luck as he can get heading into Sunday.

1:45 EST: There's another birdie for Paul Casey on nine. As the day continues, I think more and more momentum is shifting towards Casey. He is now one shot back at -11.

1:43 EST: Tiger and Barnes are trying to keep the Americans in the hunt, but it's looking as if the Europeans are starting to turn the tides.

1:37 EST: Oosthiuzen with another par on eight. He is being very consistent.

1:31 EST: Oosthiuzen continiues to impress as the day goes on. He has proved the doubters wrong as he still sits atop the leaderboard. He's even starting to get a swagger about himself.

1:28 EST: Paul Casey comes close to a long birdie putt on eight, but he will settle for par.

At this point, you have to feel for Calcavecchia. He came into the day with high hopes on chasing down the lead, now he's going the other way and even par is chasing down him.

1:25 EST: Louis Oosthiuzen takes a two stroke lead as he converts the birdie on seven to go to -12 for the tournament.

1:19 EST: Paul Casey converts another birdie on seven, getting even closer to the lead. He is now at ten-under for the championship.

1:16 EST: There are currently 43 players under par for the tournament, so it is still anyone's game, but no doubt, those who are at six-under and better (Kaymer, Barnes, Stenson, Karlsson, Canizares, Jeong, Casey, and Oosthiuzen) have a leg up on the others at this point.

1:10 EST: John Daly misses another putt; he now sits at even par for the tournament.

1:07 EST: Lee Westwood is falling off now as well. Just missed a short putt and had to settle for bogey. He now is at four-under for the tournament.

1:02 EST: John Daly sighting on that Sergio Garcia drive on 18. Looks like he's trying to impersonate Tiger with those pants.

Tiger converts the birdie on 12 to get back to par on the day.

Henrik Stenson finishes the day and sits at seven-under for the tournament. He'll be a prime contender tomorrow.

12:57 EST: Jong not off to a good start on seven as his tee shot goes left into the rough... Or weeds rather. Whichever you prefer.

12:49 EST: Jong almost converts back-to-back eagles with another long putt.

Casey advances to nine-under, and he is in sole possession of second, two shots off the lead.

12:45 EST: Very nice approach by Westwood on five.

Stenson is in a very tough bunker situation on 18. He has to get it over the wall.

Great shot by Stenson, and he keeps it on the green.

12:39 EST: The wind is really starting to pick up, possibly the worst it's been all day; It really is effecting Westwood and his positioning.

12:35 EST: Henrik Stenson is closing out his day. He still sits at second place, three strookes off the lead.

Jin Jeong with a nice eagle putt on five; with that, he is now in third place at seven-under.

Tiger goes with a unique style on his birdie putt on 11, as he putted through the fairway and back onto the green. He finishes it up with a par. Very nice on Tiger's part.

12:33 EST: Rory McIlroy comes back after a terrible Day 2 with a 69 in the Third Round.

Tiger's bad tee-shot gets a lucky bounce and roll.

12:30 EST: Casey misses birdie on four and Stenson misses par on 16; Westwood also bogeys on four after a missed putt.

12:24 EST: Paul Casey continues his good start; definitely looking like a contender right now.

12:16 EST: Tiger birdies to erase one of the drop-ball mistakes, he is now one-under for the day, three-under for the tournament.

12:12 EST: Paul Casey is making an early move with back-to-back birdies; he is now at eight-under and tied for second with Stenson.

Calcavecchia has taken a couple of steps back, as he is at five-under, and players are roaring past him on the leaderboard.

12:04 EST: Phil Mickelson's round is coming to an end; it can be described in one word: inconsistent.

12:00 EST: Oosthiuzen gets unlucky and hits the mounds by the pin on two, but he still looks to be in good position for a birdie, or, at worst, par.

11:57 EST: Tiger Woods with another bogey.

11:51 EST: Calcavecchia misses a putt on the first hole, and he will lose a shot on one with a bogey.

Oosthiuzen follows with the exact same coincidence.

11:46 EST: Tiger misses another putt on seven, salvages par.

Mickelson struggles yet again. He's way off in the road on 17.

11:43 EST: Tiger has a very nice approach to seven. He is looking to avenge his one-over for the day.

Paul Casey barely misses for birdie on one. He and Westwood with a pair of pars for the hole as they move on.

11:39 EST: Lee Westwood has a nice approach to one. He will have a great birdie opportunity, exactly what he wants to start his day.

Mark Calcavecchia has just teed off, Oosthiuzen to follow.

Phil gets a double-bogey on the back nine at 16. He is slipping, and slipping fast.

11:35 EST: Henrik Stenson with an amazing eagle that was wedged in between the pin and the cup! He's at six-under for the day and eight-under for the tournament. That puts him in second place.

11:34 EST: Stewart Cink with a nice eagle on two. He's at one-under for the round.

11:32 EST: Englishmen Paul Casey and Lee Westwood have officially teed off.

11:28 EST: Canizares got lucky there on the first hole not to miss the water.

Lee Westwood is preparing to tee off.

11:26 EST: We see a great golfer-caddy relationship and discussions with Tiger; in my opinion, this is very important to succeed in golf, as I know most will agree.

11:21 EST: Now the leaders will beginning to tee off, starting with Canizares of Spain and Jeong of South Korea. Jeong was the only amateur to make the cut.

11:16 EST: This is a very important putt for Tiger on five. He needs to save par if at all possible.

However, he can't, and he will bogey five. He might have gotten a little too aggressive on his first par-five.

11:15 EST: Martin Kaymer birdies four, sits at six-under for the tournament. Like Stenson, he could be a sleeper.

11:13 EST: Tiger has a very ugly situation on five. Looks like he may be better off going with the drop-ball.

11:06 EST: Lefty sits at four-under for the championship. Just hanging around you could say. Not Tiger's hanging around though, in my opinion.

11:04 EST: We are closing in on about 30 minutes until the leaders tee off; Oosthiuzen, Mark Calcavecchia tee off at 11:40 EST. Westwood at 11:30 EST.

11:00 EST: Tiger is getting ready to go on his first par-five of the day, on the fifth hole.

Once again, another very nice drive.

10:59 EST: Henrik Stenson is really looking good at this point. Could he be the possible sleeper as we advance into Sunday?

10:54 EST: Tiger Woods looks to be driving the ball very well today. If he can get consistent on his putts, watch out leaders. You will be prey for Tiger as Sunday approaches.

10:53 EST: Colin Montgomerie finishes up play today with a birdie on 18. He is three-over for the championship.

10:49 EST: Gotta say, I hope Mark Calcavecchia keeps up his play St. Andrews. Sounds like a great, humble guy and it would be great to see him win.

10:42 EST: It looks like Tiger will par on three, so he will stay at four-under for the championship.

10:41 EST: Henrik Stenson is very quietly creeping into the Top 10 at six-under.

10:39 EST: Adam Scott with a nice approach on seven; he looks to be in good position for a birdie here. On the other hand, Sergio Garcia isn't in the best shape on this hole.

10:35 EST: Henrik Stenson with a nice birdie on eight.

10:31 EST: Darren Clarke also converts for par on two. He sits at three-under for The Open.

10:28 EST: Wow! Great shot by Tiger on that birdie putt that just missed the cup. He'll take par on that and move on.

10:26 EST: Tiger has a very long putt for birdie on two. Taking a good bit of time contemplating on this hole with his caddy. 

10:25 EST: As we see Phil Mickelson's tee shot on 13, you can really tell the wind is starting to pick up.

10:22 EST: Sergio Garcia has a nice tee shot on six. Looks like he'll be in good position for another possible birdie.

10:20 EST: Louis Oosthiuzen looks like he's trying to keep the World Cup talk alive, as he is from South Africa. I wonder if he owns a vuvuzuela?

10:15 EST: Tiger misses yet another putt (barely). Will that be what we have all day?

10:14 EST: Great chip by Sergio Garcia for eagle on five.

10:10 EST: Hunter Mahan way over in the rough and got that back in the fairway. Not the way he wants his day to go at all.

10:08 EST: It is currently 66 degrees at St. Andrews, with the wind 15-20 MPH. Should be expecting some rain and higher winds as the day progresses.

10:05 EST: Looks like Tiger Woods is about to tee off; what will we witness today?

9:57 EST: Mickelson converts the putt on 10 for another birdie. He's looking good early.

9:49 EST: Watch for Phil Mickelson, as it looks like he can make a putt today; same goes for the rest of the field, as we are seeing putts and birdies converted early on.

9:44 EST: It has rained at St. Andrews this morning, and the wind has had high gusts as well, so it should be a very interesting day of golf again. However, as of right now, the sun is out and the weather looks fair.


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